Want to sell? Be convinced of your own product!

One thing that marked Steve Jobs out from his contemporaries was that he was more than just an entrepreneur, he was a terrific salesman. Nobody could quite sell a product as Jobs did. His presentations are a stuff of legend. Jobs was a genius salesman, perhaps the greatest ever.

What made Steve Jobs such a great salesman was that he truly believed in the products that he was selling. He always believed that what he was selling was superior to anything made by the competition and that it was exactly what the customers wanted.

Apple products are not the cheapest in the world. In fact, they are quite expensive. And there were no real demand for products such as iPods, iPhones and iPads till Jobs presented them at his extraordinary presentations.

He believed that his products created value for the consumer and that belief could be seen in his presentations. He certainly did not bluff when he talked about his products being “awesome” or “revolutionary” – he truly believed they were.

And his audience – the thousands watching his presentation live and hundreds of millions more watching on TV or on YouTube – knew he wasn’t bluffing either. They believed him when he talked about how great his products were and how beneficial they were for their intended users.

The target customers internalized the message sent out by Jobs, and it should be to no one’s surprise that close to 400 million iPods, 500 million iPhones and 100 million iPads have been sold so far.

That’s the power of believing in your own message, being convinced in the value of your own products – your target customer will feel the same way as well. If you don’t really believe that you are selling the best product or service in the world, you shouldn’t expect your customer to feel that way either.

No amount of salesmanship, communication or charms used by you would convince your customer of the same. This is the rule of the thumb for sellers – if you don’t like a particular product or service, don’t expect your potential customers to like it either. As simple as that!

So, how can you be convinced about the value of your product?
Study the product closely. Note down the features and benefits; prepare yourself for the probable questions your customers may have for you regarding it. Read the owner manuals thoroughly, and very important – use the product yourself, as often as you can. It is very important to know the product from the inside out. If required, interview the owner of the business as well; find out what he expects his products or service to achieve.
Study your customers. Do your research. Who are your target customers, what do they do for a living, what do they do for fun, what are their hopes and dreams, which demographic they belong to – find out everything about them. This way, you will be prepared to sell the product better to them.

Keep yourself informed. Follow industry trends. Look for the latest news in the industry, and the national economy. Find out how certain political and economic events are affecting people and how you can use them to make your sale. Follow the latest social media trends as well.

Control the sales process. Keep a track of the timeline. Don’t use too much of your time on a single customer. Focus on the process, talk about the features and benefits and engage enthusiastically with the customers, convincing them about the product.

Work with a business coach or mentor. This helps to build your confidence. Discuss your closing techniques, appearance or knowledge base with your business coach. Work with him to perfect your sales techniques. Working with a coach or mentor helps to enhance your ability to sell with confidence.

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