Tourism Asia: Sri Lanka Tourism Opportunities 2015

For decades, foreign tourists shunned Sri Lanka because of the ongoing civil war in the country, because of which it was not considered to be safe. The end of the gruesome civil war in Sri Lanka in 2009 was hence the most important development for Sri Lankan tourism. Since then, there has been a overwhelming sense of positivity about Sri Lanka, and the government too has been largely successful in portraying a better image of the country abroad.


A majority of visitors to Sri Lanka come from neighboring India. There are also a large number of tourists to the country coming from the UN, Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan and the United States. The overwhelming sense is that the country has changed for the better, which has also been helped by the fast development of the tourism infrastructure in the country.

The biggest contribution for this change has been the involvement of the Sri Lankan tourism board, which has been very successful in marketing Sri Lanka as a tourist destination abroad. A number of promotional seminars were held by the Sri Lankan tourist board in many countries around the world. Also, the marketing and advertising campaign done by them has been world class.


Sri Lanka as been marketed as a stable, peaceful and exotic destination and the tagline “Visit Sri Lanka” has become quite popular. Leading travel agents from India and from several other countries in the world were invited to Sri Lanka, to find out what the country had to offer for their clients. Sri Lanka tourism’s marketing machinery has been active in India, Britain, Australia and even in China.

The proactive involvement of the Sri Lankan government was also accompanied with a strong growth in the island’s airline industry. Several international airlines too have started flights to Sri Lanka from all major cities in the world. It is easy to get to Sri Lanka from London, New York, Amsterdam, Sydney, Mumbai and Shanghai – this wasn’t the case only a few years ago when international airlines kept away because of being attacked by terrorists. But with peace descending upon the beautiful island nation, things have changed significantly for the better.


The active role of the Sri Lankan government has been important. But equally vital has been the growth of a new tourism industry, with young entrepreneurs showing the way. There are a number of young businessmen in Sri Lanka involved in creating a healthy online travel infrastructure, creating online booking companies catering to air travel, travel retail, car rentals, hotel bookings and much more.

The young entrepreneurs in the country have been on the lookout for established international names to take them on as business partners. There are excellent business partnership opportunities in Sri Lanka, which are there for the taking. We have great expectations from the lovely island nation.


Tourism in Asia is not just about exploring the beaches in Sri Lanka, the Great Wall of China or the shopping malls of Singapore. It is equally about medical tourism (hospitals), health tourism (holistic health care centers) and business tourism (corporate retreats). To put it simply, tourism is BIG business in Asia. If your company in involved in tourism, this represents an excellent opportunity to form highly profitable business partnerships with local entrepreneurs involved in the Asian tourism industry.

In this series of articles based on the theme “Tourism Asia”, we analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the Tourism Industry in various Asian countries. Our goal is to feed you the most up-to-date information so that you’ll know exactly what lies ahead as you look to identify business partners and expand your business in these countries.

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