The Perfect Online Shop Landing Page

A perfect landing page for your online shop helps generate a higher conversion rate and lower cost-per-click (CPC). Your landing page is the first thing people see when they visit your website after clicking on your PPC ad. When designing a landing page for your online shop, you should create a strong connection between your PPC ad and your content.

Essentially, you should create a much better “message match” between your ad and the landing page content, so that people who visit your landing page get what they are looking for. The stronger the “message match”, lower is the bounce rate, or the rate at which people hit the bounce button and leave your website, never to return again.

Secondly, having a great landing page design helps generate a much better Quality Score on Google - which means - a higher ranking on Google’s SERPs. Higher the Quality Score, lower is the Cost-Per-Click. And this leads to a much higher ROI on your PPC advertising.

So how can you have the perfect landing page for your online shop?

First, you should have content of the best quality. The landing page should explain clearly what customers can expect from your site. It should have Title tags that are keyword rich, but there shouldn’t be any keyword stuffing in the content.

The content should be readable and focus on the principle message of the website. It should focus on what the website essentially does and emphasize on the point.

Essentially, a landing page should tell a story about your business and what you are selling. It helps to have a few customer reviews and testimonials on the landing page as this creates a sense of believability or trustworthiness about your business.

The landing page should have your Unique Value Proposition prominently displayed on it. The Unique Value Proposition tells the customer what’s so unique about your business and why he or she should buy from you rather than from any of your competitors. It tells the customer what to expect from your online store and gives an idea of the benefits and features that make online shop business so special.

The landing page should have a great overview of your online shop and should rich media content, such as great videos, attractive images, and professional photography. The landing page design should adhere to Google’s guidelines for mobile friendliness. The landing page should be compatible with all devices, whether on iPhones or on Android.

Finally, the landing page should have a great call-to-action. The call to action should be clear and persuasive; explicit about what you want the customer to do, without coming across as being desperate. A great call-to-action is absolutely essential, otherwise there’s no point in having a landing page at all.

So that’s how to design a perfect landing page for your online shop. If you are to maximize your conversions, it is very important to optimize your landing page design. The information given here in this article will have given you enough clues on just how to do that.

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