The Best Time to Visit Vietnam

Once you decide to travel to Vietnam the first question that comes to the mind of the traveler is deciding on a good time to go. Once you have decided on a holiday or vacation the next question that comes to the mind is “Will that be the best time to visit Vietnam”? In fact, even after doing enough research or asking for advice on a “best time” to visit the country, chances are that not all of you can afford to plan it exactly as advised.

Here is some good news: for Vietnam, any time of the year is a good time to visit the country. The opposing monsoonal season, which means different weather patterns from North to South, will give each time in the year an advantage. Plus everyone has a preference; some cannot tolerate the scorching heat while some want to be in a non-crowded area while others prefer to meet the people and feel the culture. Therefore, each month or season in Vietnam will meet one of these expectations, if not all. It is simply not possible to tell when the best time to visit Vietnam is. Read through this guide to decide one for yourself.

January – March

Between January to March would be one of the best time to visit Vietnam as Vietnam weather is characterized by cool and occasional light rain in the North and warm and dry in the center and the south. If you plan to trek during this time to the North, make sure you carry your warm clothes to keep yourselves warm as temperatures in some places like Scalpa drop to zero degrees during this time. The period between January and March also sees the most colorful festivals taking place all over the country, including the Tet festival. Certain precautions need to be taken if you travel in late January and early February to make most out of the time. Towards March, the weather gets warmer and the intensity of festivals lessens. Tourism volume is among the lowest in the year from mid February to mid March for both international and domestic tourists.

April – June

April to June is an unpredictable time, as the season transforms from spring to summer. Local Vietnamese families often do not take off until mid June since their kids remain in school until late May.

June – September

From June to early September, Vietnam has the highest record of domestic tourist volume, crowding in beach and mountain retreats. Popular places like Halong Bay, Sapa, Danang, Nha Trang, Phu Quoc will see lines after lines of travelers-hotels will be jam packed, food prices rocket and the worst of it all tourist spots of all sorts will be crammed with people. In other words, this could be one other best times to visit Vietnam.


Another gold period or best time to visit Vietnam especially in the North Vietnam to places like Hanoi, Sapa, Halong Bay and other provinces nearby, the sky is clear with gentle winds. As it gets closer to December, temperature drops and one cannot realize that they are in a tropical country any more.

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