Self Promotion For Internet Marketers – How To Be Subtle And Yet Effective About It?

How to sell without ever coming across as desperate? How to promote yourself as an internet marketer? Does the “aggressive sale” approach really work? We discuss this and a lot more in this post on how to make self promotion work for you if you are an internet marketer.

Often, as an internet marketer, you will find yourself selling products you have no personal interest in and which you don’t really think are good enough. But you may not have a choice on these things, and have to sell them all the same, even if you don’t believe in the product.

But what’s important is to believe in yourself, and to sell yourself. As an internet marketer, you must put yourself forward all the time, talk yourself and your products up and sometimes try “in-your-face” selling techniques. Sometimes your approach works, on other occasions they may not. But you should never quit trying.

When you can tell that your prospects aren’t really interested in your hard sell approach and are put off by it, try something more subtle, something more palatable to them. Sometimes your flashy email marketing campaigns will put people off, and when that happens, try a different approach. But never stop selling yourself, never stop trying.

So does aggressive selling work? It does, in many cases. And it doesn’t in equally large number of cases. Soft selling – selling without appearing to do so, subtle promotions, work better here.
So how can you promote yourself as an internet marketer without coming across as desperate? Self promotion is hard for many young people, who find it hard to deal with the narcissism associated with it. But it is important, if only to get you noticed from countless other competitors.

But for self promotion to work there has to be a basis behind it. You can’t just be an “internet marketer” – you have to be an expert in something, have a marketable skill, which you sell as an internet marketer.

For instance, if you have a website that markets hardwood floor cleaning products, you should have some familiarity with these products. And yes, you should have done a thorough study on hardwood floors, how cleaning of hardwood floors works, how to refinish them, and the various techniques used in their maintenance.

Your expertise should be reflected in your promotion of the products if you are to truly succeed at selling them. Understand – people part with precious hard earned money to buy your products, so you should give them some value in return, otherwise you won’t succeed as an internet marketer, no matter how flashy is your self-promotion.

The other thing is to get noticed by influential figures or authorities in a niche. A word of approval or a backlink to your website from an authority website in a niche can potentially open the floodgates for you as far as your internet profits are concerned.

You can do valuable service such as offer something for free to them, point out a mistake or a discrepancy on their site in an e-mail, offer a great suggestion or try out the Broken Link Building strategy – which involves pointing out broken or unworkable links on an influential site. In exchange, oblige the webmaster to add a link to your own website as a show of gratitude.

Authorities in a niche get e-mails from hundreds of internet marketers on a daily basis, so you will have to offer them something valuable to get their attention and to win them over.

It’s not easy to be an internet marketer. There will be occasions when you hate yourself for trying so hard to sell yourself or your products. You will wish you had a job that required less self-promotion.

But this is a choice you have made, and you should live by it. Remember, while every job has its drawbacks, there is no limit to how much you can make as an internet marketer if you get it right. The best in the business have seven-figure incomes. Success as an internet marketer is not that far away – you just have to reach out for it.

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