Rent the Right Villa for Holding a Sales Conference

It’s usual for companies to hold sales conferences and meetings in exclusive villas and resorts, rather than in the close confines of hotels, especially when the events stretch for more than a day. Today, companies prefer to think on their feet and come out with innovative solutions to all problems.

Renting the right villa for doing sales is one of the things you should look at if you’re a sales manager at your firm. The most exclusive villas offer all the facilities you would require, such as a Wi-Fi connection, video conference rooms, projection room Home Theaters and more. Let’s find out what you should look for in an exclusive villa for holding a sales conference or meeting.

Lots of open spaces

The exclusive villas chosen by you should have enough space to hold a sizeable conference. It should have enough indoor space for a meeting and a vast open space to hold an exhibition outside. There should be no constraint on space.

Should have staying facilities

You will probably have a few outstation delegates. In that case, there should be rooms available in the villa to allow them to rest for the night. A standard villa should have at least 4 extra rooms for guests.

High quality service

The villa chosen by you should have a dedicated team of well trained staff to help you with the organization of the event. They should ensure that everything goes according to plan and make all arrangements necessary as per the requirements of the event. The service should be seamless and offer the guests a pleasant and memorable experience. All members of the staff should be polite, well behaved, attentive, friendly and helpful.

All necessary equipment should be available

The villa should have all the standard equipment required for holding a sales meeting, conference or exhibition. This includes having all the audio-visual equipment necessary for holding a presentation or for better communication. There should be microphones and loudspeakers available, as well as modern projectors and video conferencing facilities. The Wi-Fi should be fast and reliable, and not break down in the middle of a meeting. There should be a dedicated video conferencing room, which can also double up as a projector room.

All comforts should be taken care of

There should be drinking water available for guests as and when they need it. There should be staff to serve coffee and tea during breaks. All the guests should be taken care of in a way they would be happy about. There should be someone to serve a welcome drink to each guest upon arrival, for instance. There should be basic stationary available such as writing pads and pens for the guests, so that they can take notes during a presentation.

The guests should be able to relax easily

There should be a patio outside where the guests can relax, along with the organizers after a grueling sales conference. Evening drinks should be arranged and a chef should be available to cook meals as well. There should be enough facilities to entertain the guests such as TVs, DVDs, and even an Xbox, if possible.

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