The Reality Truth of Location Independence

First let me note that there are an increasing number of careers that can be carried out exclusively online. Internet shifts work places to be full mobile and that’s a perfect deal for all location independent. Just some examples: you can do writing, web design, software development, or social media marketing.

While all that what Timothy Ferriss wrote in his 4-Hour Workweek might sound like wonderland, you should be always aware of the truth of “lifestyle design”. It can be the perfect choice for you – but are you ready for it?

From my own experience becoming location independent can be difficult. It sounds so simple and easy that people stop thinking about the negative effects of being location independent. Being location independent and becoming a digital nomad needs careful planning and a good business plan first. You need to know that you still have to work regular and consistent – and with passion.

The good news: it IS possible!

One of the main problems location independent are faced is the insecurity of income. But always remember that this is similar for entrepreneurs, start-up founders, self-employed and freelancer. So if they can make it, you can do it as well. Of course this aspect can be a big turn off, especially if you are the type of person that gets comfort in predictability. So if you are a person of comfort please drop the idea of being location independent – or (!) you should redesign your life!

Once you entered the stage of lifestyle design you will get a pleasure you have not got before. Being motivated to work just for yourself has a quality that satisfies. Working on your own feels better than being the slave of a boss.

For me, one of the disadvantages of working as self-employed, is the need to get projects and customers. I have recently explained “How to Have Customers on 5 Continents”. I frequently see myself thinking in old localized structures. Yes, maybe some people do not need what I offer at my home. But worldwide there are enough people around who are in need of my services.

And working with these globalized people is exactly what I need. Being independent and free to work where I want and when I want. With my previous jobs in my neck this shows me daily that I did the right choice.

There is one restriction you need to know about working as location independent. If you are one of these socializing persons who are in need of “real” colleagues around you, being location independent might be the wrong choice. As location independent you tend to work alone, from home, in a coffee shop or library, most of the time. All of these locations are isolating and can be lonely, even if you are surrounded by people.

Similar to self-employed you have to be aware that health and savings fall on your own shoulders. Same can be for paying tax – but there are ways to prevent this in a globalized world.

Location independence means responsibility and lots of it! But you CAN do it if you have enough passion for it – and I will show you how!