How to Have a Perfect Day at Work as an Entrepreneur?

As an entrepreneur, you are probably busy 24/7. You are at work all the time, and yet find it hard to do everything that’s in your schedule for the day. Also, as an entrepreneur, you will have a plenty of distractions to attend to, not to mention unexpected developments that strike you out of nowhere. So how can you, as an entrepreneur have the perfect day? How can you ensure that everything that’s supposed to be done in a day gets done and you get time for your family too? Read on for our tips on how to have a perfect day at work as an entrepreneur.

An Early Morning Run and a Healthy Breakfast

Nothing is quite as important as waking up early in the morning and going for a quick morning run. It clears your mind for a tough day ahead. No matter how much work you have ahead of you, always remember to go for your morning run. If meditation is your thing, do it instead. Then have a healthy, sumptuous breakfast. Never skip on your breakfast as that is the most important meal of the day.

Prepare for the Day Ahead

Now, plan for the day ahead at work. You can begin your day by arranging an informal early meeting with your staff and discussing the work that’s to be done in the rest of the day. Delegate responsibilities and decide who gets to do what. Be relaxed about the whole thing, don’t rush anyone. With that, send your staff on their way, and your day begins.

Divide the Day into Small Chunks of 30 minutes

You should divide your day into small chunks of 30 minutes and decide what has to be done in each of the chunks. Just make sure that you complete the scheduled work in each chunk before moving on. If you finish early, use the extra time just to stretch your legs a little and relax a bit.

Be an Entrepreneur: Do the Hardest Things First

The worst thing some entrepreneurs do is to put off the hardest work for later. You should, in fact, do the opposite. Whatever is the hardest thing you have to do during the day, do it first. For example, if there is a supplier who is giving you great trouble and you are wary of a conversation with him, get it out of the way first. Or if there is a tough decision to make about an employee, do it the first thing in the morning.

The Pareto Principle

The Pareto Principle states that 20% of what we do yields 80% of the productivity. So find out what are the most important things you have to do – the 20% – and focus on them. This may involve having a conference call with your biggest clients. Do it first, and then later in the day you can do the other less important things.

Expect the Unexpected

As an entrepreneur, you will be hit by completely unexpected developments. A customer may call in with a major complaint or a vendor may send a defective product. You will have to reserve at least an hour a day for such tasks, many of which are likely to be highly unpleasant. But they have to be done.


An entrepreneur’s life should not be all work and no play. You should play a lot; in fact, if you have small children, playing with them can be highly relaxing. Spend a quiet evening with your family and take a complete rest on Sundays, when you shut yourself off from work. Go on a vacation every 6 months and come back fully refreshed.

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