Club Hotel Dolphin Waikkal Sri Lanka

Spend your vacation by a stretch of sun kissed beach along the West coast of Sri Lanka. An ideal beach holiday destination, Club Hotel Dolphin is a desirable family hotel, where memorable experiences await you just 30 minutes from the international airport.

The Digital Nomad Lifestyle


So how would you like a job that takes just a few hours of your time a day, as you spend the rest of your time hopping from country to country across continents, sunbathing on the beaches in Thailand, learning Salsa in Argentina, trekking through the foothills of the Himalayas, ranching in South Africa – you get the idea of becoming a digital nomad!

Doing Business in Kenya

Doing business in Kenya can be a very pleasant experience because of how polite and well mannered Kenyans are, but there are a few things to be kept in mind as a foreign business executive.

First, never go for a free and frank communication in Kenya, never make your point too bluntly or too honestly, particularly if your comments are in any way critical or damning. THE Kenyan society is very particular about “loss of face” – here being criticized by a foreigner in public can be the worst humiliation possible.

Why Lean Six Sigma is useful for entrepreneurs

If you are starting a new business, effective fund management could mean the difference between success and failure. Therefore applying any process improvement methodologies – like the well known and widely used Lean Six Sigma – can help even entrepreneurs and small start-ups.