Do not have customers – have a friend network!

Many companies always talk about their customers as “customers”. But what will happen if you build up a friend network from your customers? This is the most effective way to sell your products and the easiest.

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Networking is the most powerful sales technique you can enable. So how do you create a “friend network” of customers, so that you will always have a solid network of buyers within your reach? Let’s look at a few ideas for you to get started.

Be an active participant in events. You shouldn’t just attend events, workshops or conventions. You should see these events as great opportunities to network and meet new people and make the best use of your time here. Get involved, speak up, introduce yourself and be helpful to people with information.

Don’t get started on the sales pitch right away. Don’t talk about your business or share your contact information the moment you introduce yourself to someone. Save the details for a further meeting, during a follow-up meet or a phone call. You should save the sales pitch for that.

Ask great questions. You should ask relevant questions for a friend network that show your interest in people. Questions are a great way to start a conversation. You should people questions about themselves, such as “What is your role in your business?”, “So what are you hoping to get out of this convention that will help you in your business?” and so on. The idea is to get people to talk about themselves. It would be a good idea to develop a script before you go to these conferences.

Always Follow up. The best strategies fail if you don’t follow up. You should always initiate the follow up conversation, whether it is through a phone call or by email. You should just talk about how you enjoyed meeting the person and would like to discuss further about what you talked about in the conference. Make a habit of meeting people and following up with a phone call.

Invite your contacts online as well. You should share your social media details with your contacts. Share Twitter handles, send a friend request on Facebook, get in touch through LinkedIn. If you have a website, do share the URL as well. Make them a part of your online conversation.

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Get your friends in your friend network to introduce you to people. Don’t be afraid to ask your friends to introduce you to new people. Always have a goal about how many new people you would like to meet in a week and get started – which is important to find possible business angels or to find business investor

Do exciting new things. Don’t always go through the conventional route, do something new, which you hadn’t thought of earlier. Find something that interests you, something exciting with great potential for meeting new people and making friends. Get a partner or a friend with you while visiting these new events as well.

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