What Makes Fountain Pens So Special?

To repeat an adage that is used often – the pen is mightier than the sword, and certainly, fountain pens are classier than ballpoint pens. When your customers see you with a fountain pen, it gives them the impression that you are a man or woman of great class and substance, and one from great privilege and status.

Yes, fountain pens are a symbol of great class, they make you feel like an important person and signify something intangibly great about you as a person. Old fountain pens belonging to an earlier era are the stuff of every collector’s dream. Fountain pens denote refinement and sophistication.

Let’s discuss why fountain pens are so special and why you should choose them over a ballpoint pen.

A Fountain Pen Feels Better

This is actually true – fountain pens feels so much better than ballpoint pens when you’re writing because you don’t have to press as hard with them. They are also easier on the hand. You can write for a long time with these pens without getting tired. It’s very easy to get into the flow of writing with fountain pens.

Fountain Pens are Eco-Friendly

Ballpoint pens use-and-throw. Basically, you use a ballpoint pen and when it runs out of ink, you throw it into the trash. This only adds up to the load at landfills. When you use a fountain pen, on the other hand, when you run out of ink, you only have to refill the reservoir and you are good to go.

Fountain Pens Save Money in the Long Run

Have you estimated the cost of the number of ballpoint pens you have used throughout your life? It must be in the tens of thousands of dollars! Yes, that’s how much ballpoint pens cost you over years. But fountain pens? You will probably use just half-a-dozen or so fountain pens for most of your life – from childhood to adulthood, provided you take good care of them. Fountain pens last long and are not disposable like ballpoint pens and that’s why they offer you greater savings over a long period of time.

There is a Certain Timelessness about Fountain Pens

There is something about fountain pens – a certain timelessness about them, as though they belong to an earlier era when things were so much better and classier. Fountain pens have a permanence about them, they last you for decades. How wonderful would it be to be still using the same pen in your 50’s that you used in your teens? Fountain pens bring back old memories and are a part of the family heirloom.

They Make Your Handwriting Look Better

You may have noticed it yourself – but doesn’t your handwriting appear better when you use fountain pens? Yes, since fountain pens require a light touch, they give a better flow to your writing. Once you get started with a fountain pen, you’ll never go back to the old ballpoint, ever.

It Makes You Feel like Royalty

Finally, fountain pens make you feel special – like royalty. Do you know that great men and women like John F. Kennedy and Margaret Thatcher used to write only with fountain pens? So should you! They make you feel like a true gentleman or a lady.