Internet Entrepreneurs – Why You Need Analytics

Analytics is important for internet entrepreneurs as it helps them truly understand how successful or unsuccessful a website has been, why it works and why it doesn’t, what visitors think of the website, how do they get to it, what they like most about it and what they don’t. There are several tools that help an internet entrepreneur determine the success or failure of his internet marketing and SEO strategies, that give him a good idea of where his traffic comes from, what are the people visiting his site looking for. Analytics tools help analyze the behavior of customers on various websites and are absolutely critical to an internet entrepreneur’s plan.

Here’s why Analytics are so important to you....

Analytics reveal how many people visit your site and how they behave on it...
In an earlier era, analytics tools used to measure the total number of visitors, the number of unique visitors and the number of page views – that’s all they did. Now, analytics tools are way more advanced. They are capable of tracking the online behavior of people on your site – such as how many clicked on a specific ad on your site, how many tweeted about your new blog post on Twitter, how many commented on your blog, how many used the contact form, how many watched your YouTube video on your website and more.

Analytics reveal how you get your traffic...
So how do people get to your site? Do they come from search engines? If so, do they come through paid search or organic search? And which search engine do they come from? Google, Bing or Yahoo? This information is very important as it helps you formulate a better internet marketing and SEO strategy. Should you spend more on your Pay-Per-Click advertising campaign because it is working or should you focus on organic search instead? What works for you and what doesn’t – Analytics helps you decide on that.

Analytics reveal where your visitors are coming from...
With analytics tools you can know from which corner of the world you get your visitors and formulate a strategy accordingly. For instance, if you find out that your site gets a substantial number of visitors from Brazil, you can run ads in Portuguese targeted at your Brazilian audience. Or, if you find that you are getting too many visitors from a particular country and have no way of selling anything in that country, you can turn off your ads from appearing in that country, which saves you so much of your marketing expenditure.

With Analytics you can conduct more effective online marketing campaigns
As said earlier, analytics help you understand why visitors to your site behave in a certain way, what excites them about your site, and what puts them off. You will find the information about customer behavior very useful and it will help you improve your online order processing. Analytics help you to decide which ads work and which don’t, and help to optimize your conversion rate.

With Analytics you can have a more effective social media strategy
Social media is today critical to SEO and internet marketing. If your business does not have a presence on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook, you’re missing out on quite a lot. Social media analytics tools are very important and critical to your understanding of what works on the various social media networks, to closely monitor what is being said about you on them, spot the latest social media trends, and get a better understanding of what the market really wants.

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