How to Make Money Online from YouTube Marketing

We have introduced YouTube Marketing, talked about its advantages and disadvantages, as well as discussed how much money you can expect to make from it [here] on our blog. Here, we tell you how you can actually make money online from YouTube Marketing.

YouTube Marketing is a terrific way to find company partnership online. If you wish to find company partners, you will find all the information you need on this on Liverix. You will find the step-by-step instructions on how YouTube marketing works very useful if this is something that truly interests you. So, let’s get started!

  1. Start your own YouTube channel. This is quite easy to do, anyone can create a YouTube channel by following simple instructions given by YouTube. You should decide on how to name the channel, after yourself or after your business. The idea is to sell your brand, while appearing on as many searches as possible. So use keywords that help you get noticed in the search engines. Pick the right color scheme and theme for your channel that shows who you are as a person or business. YouTube allows you a feature video, which acts as an introduction; this should be your very best effort. You want to make a good impression. 
  2. Start uploading videos. So your YouTube channel has been started, now you should build up on it by posting videos. Your videos should be of a high quality, informative and entertaining. You must buy high quality equipment to product HD quality videos. If you are serious about becoming a successful YouTube marketer, you cannot afford to look cheap. Get your family and friends to help you as well, introduce your friends if you can, your YouTube channel shouldn’t just be about yourself – it would be boring that way. Develop a style that works for you and gets people to watch as well. 
  3. Keyword planning is very important on YouTube. Use the Google Keyword Planner to look for good keywords that are currently in high demand and create videos based on them. Focus on your target audience, whether they are young mothers who are interested in learning Yoga, or college students who are interested in learning C# and C++. Tag your videos with keyword phrases they are likely to use most. You will get help from the auto suggest feature of YouTube as well, while searching for the right keyword phrases. 
  4. Promote your videos on social media, specifically on Facebook and Twitter. Lead your followers to your YouTube channel with attractive updates or tweets. Your social media interaction should be interesting enough to inspire your friends, fans or followers to visit your YouTube channel as well. Be very clear about asking them to subscribe to your YouTube channel. It is also a good idea to create a website and use it to display your YouTube videos, this makes it easier to locate your videos. 
  5. Now, this is the most important step because you will learn how to make money from your YouTube videos. Click on YouTube’s “Monetize with Ads” option while creating your YouTube account. Also create an account on Google AdSense as well. You should connect this AdSense account to PayPal, so that you can be paid easily. Now decide what sort of ads you want on your videos. Cost Per Click (CPC) ads mean that you get paid every time the ad get clicked, Cost Per View (CPV) ads mean you get paid when the viewer watches at least half of the ad or 30 seconds of it. They are both good options, so you will have to try both and find out what works best.
  6. Become an affiliate marketer. You can use your YouTube videos to market products and services from an affiliate network. You may choose an affiliate network such as Clickback or Amazon Affiliates Program and put links of your affiliate on your YouTube channel. You will be paid a commission on each sale by the affiliate. This is a great idea to make money by doing product reviews on YouTube, for example. 
  7. Working as a YouTube Marketer is one of the best ways to find business partnership online. After having successfully established a business as a YouTube marketer, you will find company partners and will have no problem with starting a company partnership online. 
  8. Track your sales and video performances very closely using analytics tools provided by YouTube. Find out which videos are most popular and got the maximum buzz. Target the keywords and themes used in those videos. Fine tune your strategy and find out what works best. So, that’s how you get started with YouTube marketing. We hope you have found the information here quite useful, and enough to get you going. Educate yourself constantly because even the best YouTube marketers learn on the job.

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