How to Generate Leads as an Internet Marketer?

As an internet marketer your success is based on your lead generation strategy. All internet marketers use email marketing as their vehicle for lead generation, so that will be our main focus here. Let’s discuss how to make the most of your email marketing to turn prospects into leads.

Create a Great First Impression

The success of an email marketing campaign to generate leads depends on if you have been able to create a great first impression on a prospect or not. Most internet marketers get just one chance to impress, to get a prospect’s attention, and that is with the first e-mail. If the prospect reports the e-mail as spam, that’s one potential lead lost, straightaway. That’s why the subject line you use is of prime importance here. It should be something attractive and attention grabbing. If the subject line isn’t good enough, then the prospect won’t feel compelled to check the content of the e-mail.

Tell Your Story

Now that you have got the attention of the prospect with a great subject line, it’s time go for the kill. Tell your story, what you have to offer to the prospect. Work hard on your content, if required, get it written by a professional writer. Your content to generate leads should be immediately alluring and interesting. It should have a complete list of benefits and features and present them in a highly readable way. It should be written in a crisp language, with bullet points.

It should answer a question your prospect will have – what’s in it for me? Unless your content answers this question, you cannot hold his or her attention for long. Next, you will want to have a great call-to-action. The call-to-action should be explicit about what you want the prospect to do – which is to convert into a lead, subscribe to your mailing list or visit your website. The sale can come later, after you have sent a few more emails through.

Never Forget to Follow-up

Lead generation through e-mail marketing is a continuous process. It’s not enough to impress a prospect with a few initial e-mails. You should follow up to generate leads, engage actively with your leads and responds to their queries immediately. You should always be helpful and professional, be ready to share information. Each successive e-mail should be more detailed than the one before it, and with a more urgent call-to-action. You have got your lead’s attention, whether that converts into a sale or not depends entirely on how you follow up.

Split Test Your Emails

Split testing is a technique used by e-mail marketers to identify which of two lead generation strategies work better. Basically, two different e-mail marketing campaigns are tried on different groups, small in number. Their reactions are judged and the e-mail marketing campaign gets the best reception is chosen while the other campaign is done away with.

The lead generation strategy which has been thus selected and proven to be effective is now released to a much wider audience. But that’s not the end of it to generate leads. Depending on how the reception, strategies are continuously revised, tweaked, modified and iterated, till something close to perfection can be achieved.

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