How PowerPoint kills your sales!

PowerPoint is boring, it is awkward. PowerPoint actually kills your sales. There are many readers who ask us for tips on PowerPoint presentations, as every salesperson is supposed to give a killer PowerPoint presentation every time, while making a sale to a major client.

Our readers ask us about how not lose the audience’s focus, how to keep the presentation interesting and use the slides to compliment the presentation, rather than have the slides actually overwhelm the presentation itself. And yes, how not to put the audience to sleep!

We have all struggled with these issues in the past and still do. There is no worse feeling than losing your audience during a PowerPoint presentation despite your best efforts to make it interesting.

Back in the 1990’s, PowerPoint was new, anybody could make a presentation and the audience would be captivated. But then, since then PowerPoint presentations have become so common and overused that it has become a concept that has been beaten to death. There is no wow factor that one can associate any longer with these presentations and they have become a sad cliché.

But you cannot do without PowerPoint presentations, as they are expected to be made, regardless of whether the client is interested in them or not. What you can do is to make them recede to the background while you focus on other things such as storytelling and visualization techniques.

The slides should no longer be the focal point of your message and should be a part of what you are trying to convey rather than the message itself. A PowerPoint presentation may be compared to a road on which you take your car.

The road makes your drive easier, but without the car, there is no drive. So, the car is the main thing here. That’s the way it is with PowerPoint presentations – they are roads to your car – which is the message being conveyed by you.

It is important to understand that not everyone will love your presentation, or agree with your message. That’s why you have the presentation in the first place, to convince them of the potential of your ideas, to turn disbelievers into believers. Basically, we do presentations to sell our ideas. And the audience, you must understand, is willing to be sold – it just needs to be nudged.

That’s why you should keep your PowerPoint presentation simple and to the point. Never just read what’s written on the slide – that only serves to turn the audience off. Practice the presentation and have nothing complicated on the slides. Ensure that the font size is at least 28. And don’t have too many slides. That would only make the audience fidgety and bore the heck out of them.

And here’s what you really need to do. Tell a story, sell a dream, narrate an incident, say something interesting – anything to captivate the attention of the audience. You don’t need slides for this; you just need great communication and storytelling skills.

It would help to get the audience to visualize about the benefits of what you are selling – your product or service. Learning visualization techniques would help tremendously.

Try to get a sense of what your audience is looking for, what their dreams and aspirations are and sell it to them. Focus on the features and benefits. Make your audience visualize the benefits of the product or service being sold by you. Be very clear about what’s in it for them. If you are convincing enough – with or without PowerPoint – you will be able to make your sale.

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