How Chartering a Yacht Signs Contracts

Entrepreneurs and business owners charter yachts for many reasons – to celebrate a special occasion, such as the first anniversary of a new business, to spend quality time with family members and friends, to relax and to get away from the pressure or work, even for a few hours or days, to visit destinations that are much easier to get to by water, to travel to different places at their own schedule, to entertain business guests and clients…and yes, to get contracts signed as well.

Chartering a yacht is a sign of prosperity and success, it signifies that fact that you have arrived as a business owner or entrepreneur, that you head a flourishing business. Private yachts are terrific spots to host business meetings, and to impress clients with your success. It is very much a status symbol and one that is guaranteed to get you respect and win admiration.

Motor Yacht Cacos V

Motor Yacht Cacos V is a beautiful 40-metre Impero 40 semi-displacement vessel, built by the prominent Italian shipyard, Admiral Tecnomar Group. This yacht is featuring naval architecture by the yard’s in-house team. The Cacos V yacht was designed by bespoke Luca Dini, in partnership with the Group Style Center. Impero 40 yacht Cacos V provides luxurious accommodation in 5 well appointed cabins. There is the Owner’s area on the main deck, with a private office, a spacious full beam cabin, as well as a double bathroom. Additional 4 guest cabins can be found on the lower deck. At the bow, there is the crew area with 3 crew cabins.

Chartering a yacht is far better than renting a villa or a resort for a business meeting. When you charter a yacht, you determine the view, the agenda of the meeting, the menus and the activities – and these can be changed at your discretion. You will have a trained crew at your command, who are polite, courteous and professional, and very much capable of taking care of your guests. You can trust them without hesitation.

C’anouch is a luxury villa in Cala Jondal (Ibiza)

C’anouch is a luxury villa in Cala Jondal (Ibiza), on the top of Puig Redo hill; a small urbanisation consisting of ten properties, in a quiet, magical, hidden and secure spot. This luxury villa in Ibiza has perfect driving distances included: Airport 12 minutes, Ibiza town 15 minutes, Marina Botafoch 18 minutes, Pacha nightclub 17 minutes, Cala Jondal and Blue Marlin 7 minutes, San Josep 8 minutes, Es Cubells 7 minutes, Cala Bassa and Cala Conta – the best beaches on the west of the island 15 minutes, Salinas / Es Cavallet beaches 12 minutes, Ushuaïa and Nassau 12 minutes.

When you charter a yacht, you can stay on it for as long as you like, and visit various harbors and anchorages. The experienced crew always makes sure that you travel to the best excursions.

Now, how does chartering a yacht help you get contracts signed or get critical business deals closed? Well, your valued business guests need to be pampered. They need to feel as though they are cherished by you and their business is considered important by your firm.

The best way to reassure them about that is to take them on a yacht cruise, such as around the Caribbean, for example. This would mellow them down, lower their defenses and make them more amenable to a deal than they were before the trip. Your clients would be totally relaxed in this completely private and comfortable setting.

Holding a business meeting on a chartered yacht, away from the crowd and the traffic of the city, away from all prying eyes and ears is a great way to hold free and frank negotiations in a friendly and encouraging environment. You can discuss confidential business matters on a yacht as you and your clients can be certain that there is no one to hear what is being said. You can talk freely about whatever is on your mind regarding a particular business deal.

Chartering a yacht is also a great way to celebrate business milestones and successes. You can arrange high quality food and drinks on the yacht and invite your important business clients to a cocktail party. This will draw them closer to your firm and win their loyalty and business for the long term. It will be something they will truly enjoy and remember you by.

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