Guerrilla Marketing by Jay Conrad Levinson

“Marketing is every bit of contact your company has with anyone in the outside world. Every bit of contact.”

Jay Conrad Levinson’s Guerrilla Marketing better was first published in 1983 and has been an instant success ever since. Several editions of Guerilla Marketing have been published over the years, each one better than the one before it. What’s common among all editions is that they serve as invaluable guides to small businesses looking to compete with the Big Boys.

Essentially, this book is advertising executive Levinson’s attempt to show small businesses how they can make each dollar spent on marketing and advertising go very far indeed. The book is full of practical insights and invaluable guidance that can prove beneficial to any small business or a startup – this was true twenty years ago, and it is true now.

In fact, as you go through each succeeding edition of Guerilla Marketing, you will learn how fast things have changed in advertising. The latest edition of Guerilla Marketing speaks about new media marketing, e-media marketing, non-media marketing and other brand new ways of marketing and advertising. Levinson stresses on the importance of trade shows, community involvement and effective PR for small businesses.

As a young business owner, you will find a lot in this book that you had never thought of earlier. But essentially, this book is about the basics. It gives you a solid grounding in the basics of advertising and marketing. Levinson, for instance, talks about how to welcome a customer and how to bid goodbye – these are simple techniques that every marketer or salesman should know about, but which is fast becoming a lost art in this new era of Pay-Per-Click advertising on Google.

Levinson similarly stresses on people skills, and how to develop them, how to make your customers like you and how to converse in trade shows and customer conferences.

Levinson talks about how every business has to have a predetermined goal, one that stands the test of time, and which ensures that everybody connected to your business is on the same page, always.

Levinson talks about the power of words in marketing. He alludes to a conversation with one of his clients, the owner of a company that provided computer training to young people. The client was confused about how to stand out in a crowded marketplace and wanted Levinson to design a 30-word mission statement.

Levinson gave him a 3-word mission statement – “Computers for Beginners” – this was sensational advice as it turned out later. Levinson says how a business concept shouldn’t be complicated. It should be expressed in no more than 7 words. A successful business is a simple business, and it is as simple as you want it to be.

Levinson has excellent tips on marketing using mini-media instruments such as writing personal letters, canvassing, distributing flyers and so on. The marketing techniques described by him hardly cost any money but are incredibly effective – that’s what Guerilla Marketing is all about. If you’ve a small business or a startup or even a small non-profit organization, you will benefit from the advice given in this book.

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