Flashpacking and work: How to make it happen

Ever heard of „Flashpacking“? You might have heard about „Backpackers“. Backpacking is a form of low-cost, independent international travel. It includes the use of public transport, inexpensive (!) lodging such as youth hostels; a longer duration of the trip when compared with conventional vacations; and an interest in meeting the locals as well as seeing the sights.

But what are the differences and how can you become a „Flashpacker“? Find out now if you’re classed as a flashpacker or a typical backpacker!

Just to show you the difference between backpacking and flashpacking: as an example a perfect location for Flashpacking is the Coco Palm Bodu Hithi which is truly is the epitome of all Maldives holidays. Located 60 minutes by speedboat from Malé, the crystal clear lagoon contrasts the soft, white sands with their swaying palm trees and make this resort one of the most fabulous places in the world. Your decadent villa will exceed all your expectations, as will the attentive service and culinary delights of the many restaurants here.

Perfect location for Flashpacking: Coco Palm Bodu Hithi truly is the epitome of all Maldives holidays. Located 60 minutes by speedboat from Malé, the crystal clear lagoon contrasts the soft, white sands with their swaying palm trees and make this resort one of the most fabulous places in the world. Your decadent villa will exceed all your expectations, as will the attentive service and culinary delights of the many restaurants here.

Flashpacking Definition

Generally spoken Flashpacking is a neologism which is used to refer to affluent backpacker. Against Backpacking Flashpacking has an association of more disposable income while traveling and has been defined simply as backpacking with a bigger budget. And this is why Flashpacking can be fundamental if you want to become a Digital Nomad! So Flashpacking is like backpacking with flash, or style.

A Flashpacker adheres to a modest or luxury accommodation and meal budget, while spending freely, even excessively, for activities at their chosen destination.

We took The Water Villa (109 sqm) includes a spacious designer bathroom, a private bar, indoor and outdoor showers as well as your own secluded sundeck. This accommodation is all about enjoying a relaxing and comfortable Maldives holiday. The Escape Water Residence (144 sqm) is the most luxurious villa on the island. It’s located in the exclusive Club area and features impressive design, a king size bed in the chic bedroom, a private terrace and an amazing outdoor pool. You have the choice of indoor and outdoor showers, and with direct access to the lagoon the Escape Water Residence is ideal for private water parties. You can bask in the warmth of the Maldivian sunshine and enjoy the beautiful pavilion. Your dedicated butler will make sure you have everything you could possibly ask for – making a stay in the Escape Water Residence the pinnacle of what you’d expect from a luxury Maldives holiday.

If you search the web you will find numerous references to the term “Flashpacker”. Anyway, the term „Flashpacker“ should be a guide only and you are free to find you own definition!

Your flashpacker friend couldn’t possibly enjoy a coffee away from Google. Ok, let’s go to Starbucks, they have WiFi there.

So how to finance your trips? Once you understand that working does not need to include location dependent jobs you are on a perfect road.

I have spending most of my career working as IT professional. During the past years I got more and more the knowledge, that working as IT professional is not really glued to a 9-to-5 job somewhere with a boss and a bureau. Traveling was always a passion but job restricted me to get this only for some few days a year.

This is not for the rich only. Everybody can be a Flashpacker. Even with family flashpacking is absolutely possible. With some restrictions of course.

Some years ago the typical Flashpacker was in their 20s and 30s. Today, even people in their 40s prefer to do Flashpacking. This is because they established at least some career and therefore own a bigger travel budget. Seeking for adventures on their own or with family is the most important trigger for those people. And remember this: Flashpacking with kids extends their experiences enormous!

The typical Flashpacker prefer hostels to traditional hotels. But because we travel with more money this doesn’t mean that we keep away from luxury. Some Flashpackers prefer hostels and spend their money to adventure trips. And some prefer traditional (even luxury) hotels, resorts, and adventure trips. So what type are you?

Depending on a destination and its safety Flashpackers prefer to use public transportation and to get an opportunity to meet and interact with local people.

Various Flashpackers are Digital Nomads. They prefer the long-term travel experience and work from everywhere at the globe with digital camera, laptop, mobile and internet. And this is where some luxury resorts comes handy. Being a Digital Nomad you are free to chose your working places. But you are dependent to get access to a fast internet connection. Luxury resorts just have faster connections than hostels, but you can decide. Work and travel – what an option! And way better than a one-week vacation.

It starts with a vision

Understanding that our world rapidly changes to a worldwide business option there is no more need to have standard job!

I started first with a vision. A dream. And an experiment. Would it be possible to do my job only weaponed with a laptop, a mobile and a tablet? It took some more time to answer, because I really tested this hypothesis. It was partly possible. There were two main restrictions: first I needed to get some power supply for my laptop – once it run empty. And second I would need from time to time an internet connection.

The next question was: is it possible to work somewhere at a luxury destination? I do not talk about sitting in a hotel room. I talk about sitting outside, maybe some nice beach in front of me or a pool! My first answer was: sure! So I did some experiments sitting at my terrace. I had to understand that sunlight would be my enemy. My MacBook Pro morphed to a mirror for the sun making me blind. There was a second big problem: temperature and tropical environment can be a real problem for a laptop!

But the vision was there. So how to make money during travel?

The question: How to get the necessary money?

Search the web. You will find tons of people telling you that all you need is a blog. I can tell you: forget it. There are only few making big money with blogs! Getting rich with a blog is a false promise. Tim Ferris wrote in his “4-Hour-Work-Week” book, that all you need is a single page promoting your eBook. Maybe he was true once he wrote this. But this is years ago. Time has changed!

This is the truth: you can not make money just with a single webpage or a blog. And forget that people tell you to get rich with affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing can make some few money but it will not make you rich. And Amazon (for example) installed serious restrictions during the past years!

If you decide to work location independent you need to understand this: you need to do some serious job!

If you make your money by painting houses it will still possible to do this in Sri Lanka. But things are different there. If you are on expert in food chemistry… well, might be a problem to import your chemistry. But if you understood that there are many things out there which can be done 100% digital you got it.

Yes, you need a website and a blog. If you are surprised now: you need it as contact platform for your customers. The blog is needed to get a serious Google ranking.

Find a niche. Do not fight the big fishes. You can not win. Then think twice: can this be done 100% digital or do you still need to sell physical products? If the answer is 100% digital you are on the road.

There are many jobs out there which can be done online only. You can do web design projects, do controlling stuff, making online marketing for customers, or plan their products. Maybe you are an architect and you can work on plans (digital of course). All this can be done online!

So, once you are at your favorite location remember this: best time to work is in the morning or the evening. Maybe, if it is too hot at your travel destination you might work inside at high noon. But as long you have internet and your laptop you are on the road! And yes, this needs discipline. Lots of!

Think about this carefully. It’s not something for everybody.