Find Business Partners on 5 Continents

You might ask how to find business partners worldwide. Remember that your philosophy should be to reach as many people as possible. Just 2012 we had 7,017,846,922 people living at our planet! And 2013 we had 7.1 billion! This is an amazing number if you are an entrepreneur or freelancer.

Since we want to find our business partners worldwide via internet we should have a look on some more statistical data:

Worldwide Internet users
2005 2010 2013a
World population[3] 6.5 billion 6.9 billion 7.1 billion
Not using the Internet 84% 70% 61%
Using the Internet 16% 30% 39%
Users in the developing world 8% 21% 31%
Users in the developed world 51% 67% 77%
a Estimate.
Source: International Telecommunications Union.[4]

What we can see is that people using the internet has been 39% in 2013. Now open your mind: 39%! This results in 2,769,000,000 possible business partners! What now comes depends on your own goals. You can either focus on people living in the developing world or in the developed world. If you sell luxury services you might misinterpret the data. Most people would focus now on the developed world. Of course because we expect that high end consumers with money will be located somewhere in the developed world. But most people can not believe that high end consumers are located in developing world areas as well!

See the options!

Let us have a look at the developing world. You should always keep in mind that this market is growing significant and moving faster than in other countries. Taking 31% from our 2,769,000,000 possible customers we get still 858,390,000 possible business partners who are using the internet! And for the developed world we would get 2,132,130,000 possible business partners who are using the internet.

These amazing numbers show you that it IS possible to get business partners via internet!

Amazing Sales Options

Say that you need to sell 50 of your products / services per month to reach a good location independent lifestyle. So you need 12 x 50 times per year. This defines your overall target: 600 products / services per year and you can the lifestyle you desire.

Got it? 600 customers from 858,390,000 or 2,132,130,000 people. Or from 2,990,520,000 people all together. 600 customers from possible 3 billion people!

Your mental restriction

When talking with my clients and telling them that they need 600 customers per year most of them get shocked. This sounds an impossible number of customers. If we break down the number to a monthly goal we still need 50 customers. 50 sounds better than the number 600. This means we need 1,67 customers per day. Possible? Sure. 2 customers per day sounds much better than 600 per year.

OK. I know many people even get frustrated by 2 customers per day. For some people this sounds so much. But it is not. Just look at some shopping mall. How many customers do they have per day? Right. More than 2. Sounds realistic? Good. You see, first step is to drop all you disbeliefs!

Now you might argument that your internet business is not a shopping mall. This is true. A shopping mall is some real location at some fixed place. But it is similar with your business.

How a shopping mall works

Let's examine how a shopping mall works. There a two different types of shops inside a mall. The first type of shop are those which a huge number of different products. The second one are specialized shop offering very special things.

But both work similar. There are many people passing the shop. Most of them do not enter and ignore your shop. What we do here is called advertisement. We place our products directly inside the front window and try to attract customers. It does not matter what kind of shop you have. It is always the same. Some customers will stop and have a look at your products. As better your presentation is as better you attract customers. Some of them will enter the shop. Many of them will just have a look and will leave without buying anything. But there are some of them interesting in your products. Now we enter a different state. This is what we call sales! If you fail here you loose money. If you are not able to detect possible buyers you loose money. And if you do not drive the perfect customer in your shop you will fail.

If you are a specialized shop you talk about expert customers. You do not attract those customers by your front window of your shop. They seek for you! All you need to do is to be findable!

How your internet business should work

Depending on your product - specialized or global - you need to target your shop. All you need here is some website which represents your business. Now you need to place your products (advertisement!). People visiting your website frequently just look through your shop window and will pass. Some of them get more interested but do not want to buy at all. This is similar to the shopping mall example. They will leave soon, increase your traffic statistics but not more. Some of them are interested to buy your product and now we enter the state of sales.

Imagine you have a real shop. You might print 10,000 flyer as your marketing activity. You will give every person you meet at the shopping mall one of your nicely designed flyers. Now guess how effective this is for your shop. Right. One-tenth of a per cent or less will result as a buyer.

Having a website is like using flyer. 1,000 visitors see your website but only 1 will buy. So one strategy is to increase visitors to your shop. But this is not a perfect marketing strategy.

Back to our shopping mall and your shop. Say you want to sell teddy bears. You print wonderful flyers, you have a nicely decorated window and you set up perfectly your shop for your customers. Not you throw flyers through the mall. This is what we call the shotgun method. You MIGHT hit some customers but your marketing is ineffective. As well your marketing is a fatal fail when you shoot say on Tuesday morning. The mall is empty and your target group not available. If you shoot for example an Saturday you will fetch your customers: grandpas and grandmas, parents... and children. And a child who wants your teddy bear is the best sales agent you can imagine!

So if you want to target a specialized group you need to setup your website so that it will be found by your specific target group. This is what we call Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

The teddy bear conclusion

Got it? Stop thinking about numbers. There ARE customers - more than you believe. And it IS possible to earn money via internet. It is mostly about your own mental restrictions. Of course you need to have good products and a good marketing strategy. This is exactly what I will teach you here at my website. But I will give your more. I will tell you all you need and how to start your own location independent internet business.

Finally let me jump back to the teddy bear statistics!

  • 2.2 billion is the total number of children worldwide.
  • Almost 60 percent of the world’s children under age five live in 10 countries.
  • Nine of the 10 are less developed countries – the U.S. is the lone exception on the list.
  • One-third of the world's children age five and under live in just two countries: India and China.
  • 90 percent of the world’s children live in “less developed countries”


Now calculate yourself: would it be possible to sell 2 teddy bears a day worldwide? The answer is simple: YES!

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