Find Business Partner in Italy – The Italian Way

Find Business Partner in Italy? Is there an Italian way of doing business? Yes. Italy is actually a terrific place to do business and you’re likely to have a lot of fun during your business visit to Italy. The people are warm and friendly, highly hospitable, and very much giving. If you’re looking for a business partner in Italy, it is important that you keep a few things in mind, because how you do business in Italy is a lot different from how you do business in New York.

Find Business Partner in Italy

There is something about the environment in Italy that makes you feel welcome and immediately at home in your very first day in the country. Even the Italian business community is as friendly as the rest of the population and it would be delightful as well as profitable to have business partners based in Italy.

But, while very friendly by nature, Italians are also highly temperamental, extremely sensitive, especially to what they perceive to be an insult (even though you don’t mean it) and take to offense very quickly. That is why, to be accepted a partnership business in Italy there are a few things you must keep in mind, which we shall discuss next.

Be Informal and Friendly

Italian business executives are remarkably informal and friendly, even in the most serious business negotiations. You should reciprocate and greet them with a friendly smile and a handshake. Hand over your business card and address your business partners by their first name – this is something you must remember.

Also, when you’re in Italy to find business partner, expect your personal space to get invaded even in the most serious business discussion. We did say that the Italians are a friendly bunch – but they can be friendly to a fault. Don’t mind that, just go with the flow. This is, of course, the complete opposite of how you’re advised to handle yourself in a business meeting with Asian business partners, so it can get confusing at times.

Relax – Don’t Worry about the Time

Italians see the time at which a meeting is fixed as a guideline rather than something that must be strictly adhered to. Don’t be upset if your Italian business partner is late for a meeting. But that doesn’t mean that you can come late without a good reason. If you’re late, you should have a genuine excuse for the same, else it might be seen as being disrespectful.

Introduce Yourself Through a Mutual Friend

Your chances of success in Italy are far greater and you can find business partner with great ease if you get yourself introduced by a mutual friend or a contact. Italian business works through a system of referrals and introductions, and you should try to be a part of this network, for maximum benefit.

Pick up a a little Italian

You don’t have to speak Italian fluently to find business partner in Italy, but even if you learn a bit of it, it would help you a great deal in your negotiations with your Italian business partners. No, you’re not expected to conduct the business meeting in Italian, most Italian businessmen speak English reasonably well, and all business discussions will be in English. However, by attempting to at least greet your hosts in Italian, by just speaking a few sentences in their language - of which they are justifiably very proud of – you win their admiration and friendship. Italians really appreciate it with foreigners speak to them in their own language - especially when you want to find a business partner.

Don’t Jump Straight to the Point

Italians don’t like to rush straight to the point. They will want to talk about the weather, international politics, male fashion, how was your breakfast, about which team is currently doing well in Serie A – Italy’s premier football league, and yes, then they would casually talk to you about business. Remember, don’t be in a hurry, play it their way, you will surely get what you want. Just be a little extra patient whenever you want to find a business Partner.

The Italian Food

Italians love their business lunches and business dinners. Usually these are elaborate affairs and take place in their own time. Do remember to tell your hosts about how much you love Italian food when you want to find business partner in Italy.

Do Your Business in Style!

Italy is the fashion center of the world, and when in Italy, spoil yourself. Get your best suit, your brightest tie and make a fashion statement of your own at the business meeting. For women, wear your best jewelry. Don’t be so serious all the time, have fun at work – that’s the Italian way.


Well, we hope our tips on the Italian way to find business partner in Italy and of doing business will be of some use to you, especially when you’re looking to find business partner in Italy. Remember, when in Rome, do as the Romans do!

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