Why an Exclusive Wrist Watch Shows Your Success

Thanks for Nothing, Apple!

Nowadays, there is a new trend in the market – smart watches. Samsung has come out with its own smart watch, so has Sony and recently, the biggest gorilla in the room, Apple, came out with a smart watch as well – Apple Watch. Well, sure, there will be a lot of wannabes out there who will want to buy these so-called smart watches, but if you’re a serious business executive, there is no way you will want to be caught wearing them, even when on a deserted island!

There is a reason for that – wrist watches have been around for over 500 years. They have survived wars and several tech revolutions and held steady and strong through them all. Could you contemplate trading your Omega for an Apple Watch or a Samsung Galaxy Gear? Is that even a serious question?!

Just have a look a the image. This is the Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Skeleton – one of the most impressive wrist watches we have seen yet. This Masterpiece Skeleton is the perfect embodiment of the Maurice Lacroix approach to watchmaking. It is technical yet has a very powerful design. It has been developed in order to be one of the best positioned Skeletons in the industry at that quality level.

Mechanical, manually-wound caliber ML 134 Functions: -Hours, Minutes, Seconds indicated by central hands – Small seconds through hand at 9 o’clock – Vibration: 18,000 vibrations per hour, 2.5 Hz – Power reserve: 45 hours – Jewels: 17 – Adjustments: 5 positions when fully wound and 2 after 24 hours.

What makes an Exclusive Wrist Watch So Special?

An exclusive wrist watch signifies a statement made by you; it is a stylish accessory that compliments what you wear. It showcases who you are and your lifestyle. It comes with a range of features and designs.

The prices of exclusive wrist watches vary widely depending on their functionality and brand name. Often, you will find yourself paying more for the brand than for the watch itself, but that’s how it is with exclusive wrist watches. A wrist watch is as much about the lifestyle that you wish to project as it is about time.

It’s About The Brand…

For many men and women, a wrist watch is all about the brand. Brands such as Rolex and Omega have a definite exclusivity about them, not just because of the high quality of these watches, but because of the price as well. They are high priced options that are a symbol of wealth and power, for both men and women. There are cheaper options such as Citizen, Seiko and other brands that look just as great as a Rolex or an Omega, but they don’t carry the same amount of heft or exclusivity about them. Buying a Rolex means making a statement about your own success, this is why these watches cost so much.

It’s About the Personality…

It’s hard to tell which watch would suit you best because watches are made for every personality type. For example, if you are an investment banker, you would probably want to buy a gold banded time piece. If you’re somebody who loves outdoors and are an adventurous sort, you should go for a sportier wrist watch. If scuba diving is one of your great passions, why not go for a waterproof watch?

It’s About Style…

There are so many styles of wrist watches to choose from, how do you know which style suits you best? Again – this is entirely up to your own personal taste. You may find a timepiece graceful, but your partner or friend may not agree with that. There are no guarantees on styles. An adventurer might like a chunky design, for instance. A tech entrepreneur would probably like something with more gadget-like features. A hedge fund manager would like anything that “smells” money, so to speak. So keep searching till you find the perfect style for your taste.

It’s About the Statement…

Isn’t that why we buy a wrist watch? To make a statement about our great success; to project an image of wealth and prosperity, to show that we have arrived. Wearing a Rolex signifies that you have a six digit income or even a seven digit income. Wearing a waterproof Seiko would suggest that you are someone who is practical and does not really care too much about projecting an image – and by doing so, you’re effectively projecting an equally compelling and attractive “Like-I-Care-A-Damn” image of yourself! So, whatever may be the statement you want to make about yourself, your exclusive wrist watch helps you make one.

So, have you decided to buy an exclusive wrist watch yet? What’s it going to be? Rolex? Omega? Seiko? Do let us know!