Dressing for Success as an Entrepreneur

One of the greatest perks of having your entrepreneur business is that you have all the freedom in the world to do what you want, whenever you want to. However, you still have to conform to the tastes of paying customers or clients and cannot risk aggravating them, no matter how independent you are as a businessperson.

Sure, you don’t have to stick to a particular dress code as you did in your last job, but you still have to dress in a particular way as an entrepreneur, and it is up to you to make sure that you dress for success.

Dressing for success does not mean wearing something boring or bland, or something too challenging – it means wearing something that makes a statement about who you are as a person and as an entrepreneur and reflects the type of business that you are in.

If you are a tech entrepreneur, for instance, dressing in khakis is probably rigueur de jour. If you work in the financial services industry or work as say, a mutual fund manager, then you must be dressed formally in sharp suits for all meetings. Let’s look at some of the guidelines to be following when it comes to dressing for success.

Inspire trust

You should always inspire trust as a business owner. This means being professional and coming across as such at all times, even when it comes to your dress sense. Wearing blue jeans and T-shirt to a meeting with venture capitalists certainly does not inspire trust and confidence. While you should be your own man or woman at all times, sometimes, you need to conform to uniformity when it comes to your dressing.

Be friendly

You should dress decently, and not scruffily. You should dress in a way that is instantly friendly and welcoming to people. Everyone should feel comfortable enough to be in your company, chat with you or discuss an issue related to business.

Show confidence

Your dress code should show that you are a confident businessman or woman and that not only are you used to success, but you expect to succeed at all times. You should wear decent clothes that you feel comfortable in; this is the only way to make sure that you will always feel confident about yourself.

Express authority

When you wear ill fitting clothes that are garishly colored and come in ill fitting sizes, they impact your confidence and lower your authority. You should always wear properly tailored clothes that fit you well. They should not be one size too small or too large – but just perfect.

Dress for the occasion

You should never come to the office in a jogging suit – that would reflect poorly on your professionalism. Similarly, you should always dress for the occasion. You should know what to wear to a business meeting and what to wear for a party. Not having a proper dress sense would cause people to shy away from approaching you.

Look the Part to Dress for Success

It is important that you should always look the part. If you are an investment banker, you should dress like one. If you are a hedge fund manager, you should behave like one. If you are an entrepreneur, you should dress the part. Follow the tips given here to dress for success as an entrepreneur.