Dos and Don’ts of Importing from China

Are you an importer/exporter who wishes to import from China? Then here are a few Dos and Don’ts that you should keep in mind.

Do! Importing from China!

Use AliBaba as Your Source - When it comes to importing from China, you will not have a better friend than AliBaba. It is simply an outstanding resource for Chinese products and the best way to get in touch with Chinese suppliers.

Find great products for importing from China - It sounds cliché, but the key to doing well in your import/export business is to get the right products, for which there is demand in your home market.

Find great suppliers - It’s not easy to identify the great suppliers from the not-so-great ones. To find the best suppliers, you will have to do a lot of research. Sometimes, you may even get scammed. You can find business partners in China and look for great business partnership opportunities on

Use eBay or Amazon to sell the products - The best way to sell the products imported from China is to have stores on eBay and Amazon. You should have an existing sales channel and build your customer base gradually.

Import small and light products only - There is no way you will be able to import heavy products such as furniture or kitchen appliances. Shipping them from half-way across the world would be a major problem. Look to buy products that can be easily imported.

Keep it simple - You don’t want to import anything that is too complicated and hard to manufacture and has a high margin of error. Remember, the factory in China may not adhere to the quality standards you expect. So, it’s far better to import simple products where the supplier cannot go wrong in a big way.

Keep the products cheaper than $200 for importing from China - You certainly don’t want to buy products that are too expensive as the potential for them to go wrong would be high. It is possible that they may not have the number of takers that you expect. So it’s better to err on the side of caution.


  1. Never buy in bulk before you have samples in hand.
  2. Don’t use any method other than PayPal for the payment for the first six months. Any other method would be risky. If the company does not accept PayPal, then don’t deal with them.
  3. Never buy anything that smells counterfeit. This is a bad idea and would damage your reputation.
  4. Don’t buy too much of the inventory at least for 3 months. Start buying more only after you’ve made enough profits selling the product.
  5. Never give the supplier your personal email. It will only get spammed if you do.
  6. Don’t compete with the Chinese manufacturers on price. You will never be able to succeed. Find a niche of your own where you can compete on quality, branding and marketing, rather than on price.
  7. Don’t use a service other than AliBaba. Always stick to the best, and that means AliBaba. You are protected this way and will find the best suppliers. Never use services such as Doba, WorldWideBrand or Volusion – you would only be setting yourself up to be scammed that way.

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