5 Essential Books for Digital Nomads!

If you are reading this blog, you’re no doubt curious about how to become a digital nomad, on location independent business ideas and what it means to follow such a lifestyle. While there is enough information on this in this blog, it would be a great idea to expand on your reading list as well. We present five books that should be read by all aspiring digital nomads before starting on their journey.

What a crowded flight taught me about networking

Independent if you’re traveling busines man / woman or localist – networking is one of the most important skills you should establish. You can do this frequently, at many locations, with many different kind of people – and without spending any money!

7 Things You Should Know About Emerging Markets

Emerging Markets (EM) equities are regaining interest, after many years of disappointing returns and outperforming their developed-market (DM) counterparts this year. Below are seven factors for investors to consider, who thinking about adding EM.