The Digital Nomad Infographic

The Digital Nomad Infographic: Today we have a business world which was not possible just (!) 15 years ago. I can write a message sitting at Hawaii to somebody sitting at Bali – and it arrives just 1 or 2 seconds later! Hell, I am really old but I can remember times when you wrote a letter to another continent and it arrived 6 or 8 weeks later. All this is just 20 years ago. Now I can do business with people from Pakistan or Dubai in shortest time.

This means that I can collaborate with people – YOU are one! – around the world, and scale many kinds of traditional businesses to global proportions on the internet. Depending on time-zones 9-to-5 is retro and old-style. Having a local business is not a worldwide option. And hell: using all this freaky internet – did I wrote that I really had a time without internet? My children can not imagine this… – I can work from everywhere at this planet if I get internet access! With a laptop, a tablet or even with a mobile phone!

This is where 3 most important terms get important: Digital Native, Digital Nomad and Location Independence. Just to clarify: Digital Nomad is just a synonym for Location Independence. Location independence is my favorite so I will use it at this website. To be location independent you must be a Digital Native. You need to know how to use the internet and how it works. Do not be scared: If you aren’t a professional I will teach you the fundamentals and professional ways how to build up an internet entrepreneur startup.

Got it? Location Independence means: you can work from everywhere for everybody at any time in no time!

It’s not about beaches

When many people hear about Location Independence they imagine themselve somewhere at some beach. And they are right. Outstanding and amazing beaches perfectly fit to Location Independence. Just imagine that you are sitting at Maldives, watching the endless blue sea, sipping a longdrink and doing business. A perfect bureau. But there is some small problem. I really love these beaches and the perfect warm climate. Not everybody does. But for me this is dreamland. The problem is that after 4 weeks beaches might get boring and sipping your daily free longdrinks transform you to an alcohol addict. So Location Independence should offer some more.

It’s about people

For me Location Independence is about meeting people as well. I want to travel the world to learn about people and their culture. So staying restricted in a closed resort might be a good choice if you need silence to relax, to concentrate on your work and to come into Zen. But meeting people is most inspiring and will give you fresh ideas for your location independent business. You can see this in the digital nomad infographic.

It’s about experience

Beeing location independent means to leave closed resorts and to experience the country where you “work”. For example you can work 3 days in a row sipping cocktails at the beach – and doing a 2 day adventure travel exploring the local jungle with your backpack. If you are restricted as I am – my backpack includes a family: every country offers touristic attractions, sightseeing and adventure parks for the smallest.

But I am not an IT professional as you are…

Location-independent professionals frequently often work as freelance writers, photographers, affiliate marketers, web designers, software developers, graphic designers, and sometimes they simply pick up odd jobs as they go. But there are other options as well. You can work either as internet entrepreneur running your own webshop or I can help you to create your own business type and style. It is all about creativity and finding options. There are endless options once you realize that you should break with restricted thinking and switch your brain to creative thinking.

Maybe I can give you some inspirational examples as digital nomad infographicto understand how powerful the idea of being a location independent can be. Below I have collected some few examples to show you what is possible and how diverse location independency can be.

We will start with what I call the “fundamentals”: Let us talk about some worldwide best locations for working – internet access included. As you remember we want to work location independent – or better: as digital nomad. Our idea giving us pure passion and freedom becomes useless once we are not able to use the worldwide web, the internet and it’s communication structure. Remember that – as in the digital nomad infographic – I noticed that location independence does not mean poverty.

Worldwide best locations for working – With Internet Access

Remember our goal: we want to travel the world and want to work from everywhere. We need at least some place where we get a relaxing and inspiring surrounding environment. What does this mean? It means exactly what it is written: we need “some” place. Here comes your freedom. It can be either a luxury resort or traveling the sea by yacht.

We will have a look at W Retreat Maldives – a luxury resort with high speed internet access. A resort doesn’t get much more chic than this… Located on the Fesdu Atoll a 25 minute sea plane ride from Malé, the W Retreat is one of our most extravagant and sought-after resorts for Maldives holidays. The contemporary feel and luxurious décor, along with amazing views over the lagoon, will make you feel like you’re in paradise.

Now have a look at the picture above! This is NOT the picture from the white sand beach. What I like most are several options I have at this place. First you are not forced to sit directly at the beach with no shadow. Ever worked with your laptop when the sun shines at your display? It is not that you can’t see but you will burn (!) your eyes caused by the sun reflection. At this resort you have a nice shadow place. If you can not sit anymore at this pool chilling area – or it gets too hot – you can move inside to have a better working place. You have a direct pool whenever you like without anybody disturbing you. Your area is separated from the other villa so you can expect silence to concentrate on important things.

The bungalows feature beautiful traditional exterior, while the interior is ultra-modern, just as you’d expect from the W Group. Comfort and lavish accents are re-occurring themes at W Retreat. The sweeping white sands and crystal clear waters teeming with tropical fish will make you want to return to this unique retreat over and over again. Everyone at W Retreat go that extra mile to ensure you get the Maldives holiday of your dreams.

For me this is a perfect place to work and you can see it in the digital nomad infographic. And maybe you start to get some feeling that this would be perfect for you as well.

If you have children you can watch them directly but do not forget to clarify rules that you get NOT disturbed any 2 minutes! If you are traveling with children you might have a look at my article Maldives with Family at Kanuhura from £8,895 for a family of four.

One last important notice: please do NOT book the W Retreat Maldives… this is my dreamland and not yours… get off!

Awesome & Thrilling Adventures – Going Offline for a day

So W Retreat Maldives can be the perfect place to stay for some weeks if you want to work concentrated. Most resorts at Maldives offer diving or diving courses. Why not combining your location independence with something thrilling? Maybe you start snorkeling or you learn how to dive?

If not traveling Maldives but Rio you might invest some days for an outstanding adventure travel as I have described in my article Rio & The Green Coast Active Adventure Travel. Remember that location independence means experience and there are always thrilling adventures even for the whole family.

Housekeeping – The Luxury Bureau Option

This option is for those with low budget at all. There are many people out there with more money as we have. Check the digital nomad infographic. Those people own mostly more than one villa fragmented over the world. Since they just want to stay for one, two or three months at their villa they need somebody who takes care about their property. This is where you can join the movement. Imagine you live in a villa at some beautiful location, it is not only for free but you might even get paid for it. And you can work as location independent. Sounds perfect? At my website I will tell you how to get there and what to expect from doing Housekeeping. For those with family this might be an option but it may happen that your “client” does not want children at their own private resort. But we will talk about this and how to solve that problem later.

The Digital Nomad Infographic

This Digital Nomad Infographic was provided kindly by BargainFox.