Design for Success – How Modern Online Shops Work

If you run a highly successful brick and mortar store, then you should definitely run an online shop as well. And if your offline store isn’t all that successful, that’s even greater reason for you to run an online shop.

According to many surveys carried out by marketing agencies, customers are more comfortable shopping at a brick and mortar store if they have shopped at their online store first, and have liked the experience. In fact, 45% consumers first search for a product in a retailer’s online shop and then go on to buy the same from the offline store.

With an online store that is designed well, you can compete with the biggest players on the internet, such as Amazon and eBay. Of course, you will never get the traffic they get, but you will have your own niche and a loyal customer base. Everybody can survive and thrive online, the big guns of ecommerce, as well as little startups.

There are two ways to get your online store designed. First, you can buy a feature rich, out-of-the-box web design solution which allows you to set up your online store in just a few minutes, without any special input from your side. These solutions are scalable, flexible and capable of adding versatility to your online shop.

The other option is to go for a more customized store design, done by a professional web design firm. This option would cost you more, and will take a lot more time, but it makes your online store stand out in the crowd, as the design will be unique and distinctive. You can add your own customized solutions as you see fit.

But successfully running an online shop isn’t all that easy. While it is easy enough to design a great looking online store with the high quality software that is available or by hiring top rated web designers, to run one successfully, it is important to build a strong reputation. It is important for the customer to trust you, and a professional and modern design is just the first step.

A perfect online store design is one that completely duplicates the functionality of a brick and mortar store, whether it is in the way customers get to view products, select some, place them into a digital shopping cart and make the payment using a credit or debit card safely and securely at the payment gateway.

The other things you should include are a thriving customer review section and a regularly updated blog. We have discussed [here] how customer reviews drive traffic to your online shop. Also, [click on this link] to find out why it is so important to have a frequently updated blog with great content for your online store.

One of the most important aspects of online shop design is how it adheres to the best SEO practices. There is no way for people to get to your shop on the internet if it is not visible to them on Google’s or Bing’s search results for specific keywords. So you must build visibility on Google – following the best SEO practices helps to make that happen.

You should place your targeted keywords in your Title tags, Meta tags and ALT tags related to your product, and make your blog keyword rich, so that your online shop is recognized by the search engines. The online store design should be such as to have an excellent site speed or page load speed. Faster the site speed, higher will be your conversions.

A modern online shop design has other features as well, such as allowing customers to decide on their own shipping options, a secure payment gateway with several options for payment, a just-in-time inventory control, a well thought out e-mail marketing strategy and excellent web analytics. You will find great information on on the various aspects of running a successful online store.

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