Business Class: 9 Reasons Why You Should Always Fly Like This

As an ambitious business executive, you should always fly business class. Not only does it give you a good sleep as you sleep over the Atlantic Ocean or the Pacific Ocean, it also ensures that you are fresh and ready for a business meeting or to make a presentation to clients immediately upon landing. Let’s discuss why flying business makes such a huge difference, and why it is definitely worth it.

Business Class Advantages

  1. Flying business class certainly gives you more leg room than flying in economy. Certainly, you won’t feel cramped for space if you are over 6 feet tall, which is a problem when you fly in economy. Some planes have aisle access for business class as well, which is simply terrific.
  2. When you fly, the airline food offered to you is actually better than that which is given to those in economy. You get fresh salads, freshly baked cookies, delicious ice cream, cakes and pastries and more. Many airlines have tie ups with professional chefs and make arrangements for quality meals for those in business class.
  3. Easy access to the lavatory is another great advantage of flying business class. You don’t have to deal with a 5 meter long queue for access to the lavs as you would in the economy. In business class, there are far fewer people, and hence you can go when you want to go – no reason to wait.
  4. Flight attendants in business class are younger and prettier and they smile at you more. You won’t have to deal with any grumpy flight attendants as you would in the economy. This in itself is worth the price of a business class ticket.
  5. This is most important – you get more privacy in business class. People are seated two by two, and there is no dreaded middle seat. So this means you won’t find yourself in the middle of two passengers as in the economy, which on a long flight is as horrible as it can get. Also, the sitting areas are much wider and there is no reason to fight for the armrest with the person sitting next to you. On rare occasions, you can get the entire seat by yourself, which would be the ultimate in comfort.
  6. You don’t have to fight for overhead bin space in business class. There is enough space for everyone, and if there isn’t, the flight attendants will help you with your stuff and put it in a forward closet, which is so nice of them!
  7. You get free drinks. Well, as long as you drink in moderation, this should be okay. Some airlines arrange for the finest wine from Tuscany and other wine producing regions as well.
  8. Seats are better padded. This is important because many seats in economy are made with hard material that has very little padding. On a long flight, this can really cause great discomfort to your body, and getting a good sleep becomes almost impossible. So you will be completely exhausted, which would then leave you in a foul mood after landing.

Finally, there are far fewer people in business class, and you don’t have to deal with the crowd as in the economy, all gathered so close to you. Imagine little screaming children sitting behind you and kicking at your seat, or a drunk next to you who makes a pass at you! The horror of it all! That’s why you should always fly business class. A good starting point is