Blogging for Shopping – Why Online Shops Need Good Content?

Should online shops have a blog, which is updated frequently and has great content? They certainly should. As an online store owner, you cannot simply dump your catalogue on your website, you need quality content to go with it. If you are still not sure about the importance of good content for your online shop, this article will leave you in no doubt at all. So read on!

Having a blog is as important for an online shop as a user friendly payment gateway. Blogging does 3 things for you – it creates value for the buyer, inspires trust in you and is great for your SEO.

Clearly, a lot of online shops have become aware of the importance of having a quality blog. Even the bigger internet retailers such as run well maintained blogs.
How can you provide value to the customer with your blogs?

First, there is a way to sell your products through your blogs. You cannot just write blog posts such as “Aqua Hardwood Floor Cleaners are the Best in the world!” or “Aqua Hardwood Floor Cleaners will rock your world!”

Such posts don’t offer any value to potential buyers. The reason for this is, nobody would have any great interest in Aqua Hardwood Floor Cleaners, what people are really interested in is how to clean hardwood floors.

So your blog posts should instead talk about, “How to clean your hardwood floors in the easiest way possible” or “Tips for cleaning hardwood floors.” You should provide excellent tips and great information for your customers – people who have installed hardwood floors at home and would like to know how to clean them.

And then, at the end, you should write something like, “And that’s how you should clean your hardwood floors. We sell Aqua Hardwood Cleaners that make cleaning hardwood floors really easy for you and the best part is that they hardly cost you anything….” and so on. This way, you provide value to the customer by giving him or her relevant and useful information and also market your product in the best way possible.

How does blogging inspire trust in your customer?

Well, if you just dump your catalogue online, that hardly does anything to mark you out from the crowd. It is important to tell a story about what you are selling, inform and explain what the products are about. You should offer your personal take on the products and come across as someone with authority. When you have a frequently updated blog with over 150 posts a year, that inspires trust, because the customer knows that you take your responsibilities as a seller seriously and actually know what you are doing.

How is blogging good for your SEO?

Google likes sites that are regularly updated with fresh content. Google’s algorithms have become so sophisticated that they are very good at identifying a hack job from a well written blog post. Duplicated text or keyword stuff get identifies quickly by Google and punished severely as well.

When you have a professionally written blog at your online shop with relevant content, which is non-finite and frequently updated, this reflects well on your rankings on Google’s SERPs (search engine results pages.) Also, when you have high quality content, they are likely to be shared more on the social media, which means there will be more people visiting your store, which creates a greater demand for your products, and also reflects well on your search results.

So when you have a well written blog with relevant and original content, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose as far as your SEO is concerned.