The Digital Nomad Lifestyle


So how would you like a job that takes just a few hours of your time a day, as you spend the rest of your time hopping from country to country across continents, sunbathing on the beaches in Thailand, learning Salsa in Argentina, trekking through the foothills of the Himalayas, ranching in South Africa – you get the idea of becoming a digital nomad!

The Cage of Death – Australia’s only crocodile dive

Since opening its doors in July 2008, Crocosaurus Cove Darwin and the cage of death has set a new standard of interaction when it comes to the Top End’s most iconic reptiles. Its inner city location, housing almost 200 crocodiles, including some of the largest Saltwater crocodiles on the planet and its aquarium like underwater viewing of these prehistoric creatures, has proven extremely popular with both locals and tourists alike.

Doing Business in Oman

To truly understand how business is done in Oman, it’s important to understand Islam first, because Islam is at the focal point of life in Omani society as well as the Omani business culture. Islamic Rule of Law or the Shariah dictates political, social and economic life in Oman, and everything, ranging from how women should dress to the mandated punishments for various crimes, is dictated by the Shariah.

Read This Before Doing Business in Vietnam

The Vietnamese business culture has its basis in Confucianism. Confucianism is derived from the teachings of the great ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius, and is a system that determines how interpersonal relationships are to be conducted. Confucianism also describes how one should behave in a society and the ethics to be maintained.

Read this before Doing Business in Egypt

If you’re looking to do business in Egypt, then it’s important to have a business partner in that country. A business partnership with a reputable firm in Egypt would take you a long way. Also, it would help considerably to know about the business culture in Egypt. So, let’s talk about the basics of doing business in Egypt.

Why Your Start-up Needs Crowdfunding

If you’re planning to start a business any time soon, you will have no doubt considered crowdfunding. So what is crowdfunding and why is it essential for your startup? Crowdfunding is essentially a way to source your funds or collect donations from a large number of people through crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo.