Best Way to Make Money Online in 2015 – Freelancing

It is believed that 33% of the workers in the United States are freelancers, taking advantage of the new possibilities made available to them because of the internet. As a freelancer, you may offer your talents in a variety of fields and sell them on the internet.

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You may work as a freelance web designer, graphic designer, coder, programmer, virtual assistant, translator and do so many things that don’t require you to be in the same geographical location as your client. You may work under your own business name or as under a nick, that doesn’t matter.

The important thing is to get the work done and satisfy your clients.
As a freelancer, you decide your own schedule, you are no longer trapped by the old 9-to-5 way of working, and can work anywhere you like, at home, at a café or at a beach. But no matter what you do, it is important not to take the work lightly, and approach it with the professionalism that is expected from you.

And never resort plagiarizing or duplicating the work of other people, as that will only get you thrown out of your profession because of poor customer reviews that are sure to follow.

Advantages of Freelancing

The biggest advantage of freelancing is that you can work as hard or as little as you want to – you are your own boss. You will be working with clients from all over the world, which helps you build valuable relationships, even though they exist only online. In a dicey global economy, where the good jobs are not so easy to be had, freelancing offers a way to survive and possibly, even thrive. There are many who have given up their jobs and have turned to freelancing and today make more money than they ever did. If you love what you do, then freelancing can be a whole lot of fun.

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Disadvantages of Freelancing

The big problem with freelancing, as is the case with anything you do online or offline, is the start. It’s not easy to make money when you just get started, and much harder to establish a reputation. Some find the competition quite intimidating and a tough nut to crack. There will be many occasions during the first couple of months when you will find yourself staring at the computer display, hoping for an order, or a work opportunity, which never comes. So freelancing can be quite tough, initially.

The other issue is that as a freelancer, most of your relationships are online, and you don’t get to meet too many people face-to-face. So your social life could go for a toss. It can be quite a lonely profession to get into. In many countries, freelancing is not considered a respectable way to earn a living, which is a major downer.

How Much Money Can You Make as a Freelancer?

How much money you make as a freelancer depends on what line of freelancing you are in. You cannot, for example, make a lot of money as a freelance writer, proofreader or translator. However, as a logo designer, graphic designer, web designer or as an SEO, you can potentially earn a very good income

There are many freelancers who earn a high six figure income, as a matter of fact.

But most struggle to get by, and at least at the start, freelancing should be something you should be doing part-time, not full-time.
Freelancing should be seen as something that adds to your regular income from a regular job. You may take up freelancing as a full-time profession, once you are successful in establishing a solid reputation online and have developed a network of loyal clients.

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