Best Way to Make Money Online – SEO Professional

One of the most impressive ways to make money online is to work as a freelance SEO professional. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization; it is a combination of art and science, the objective being to push a site higher on Google’s SERPs or search engine results pages.

Businesses look for professionals to help them with their SEO, as they find it hard to do it by themselves as the subject can get highly technical.

As an SEO professional, you can either work on the projects of other people, or work on your own websites and blogs, building them up for a higher presence on the search engines, and earning money through affiliate marketing or from Google AdSense.

The fundamentals of SEO are quite exhaustive, explaining how SEO works is beyond the scope of this post, here we are mainly concerned with explaining how you can make money online by working as an SEO professional.

Once you have decided to work as an SEO professional, you should choose a platform such as Elance, oDesk, Fiverr or Freelancer and offer your services as a freelancer. It’s never easy at the start, but as you work on more and more projects, you will build credibility through the strength of positive customer feedback.

Advantages of Working as an SEO Professional

One of the biggest advantages of working as an SEO professional is that very few people really understand the art and science of SEO. It is too complex for a majority of the people in the world, especially for small business owners.

So, you can get into the profession just by doing some significant learning, and accessing important analytics tools.

Working as an apprentice under an experienced SEO pro is the best training you will receive. There are also training courses, online and offline that teach you the art of SEO. A good SEO professional is highly appreciated and work travels fast in the world of small business about such a person. But it is important, as an SEO professional, not to over promise and under deliver.

As far as possible, be very realistic about what you can do for your clients, and even under promise and over deliver, if possible – that’s the best way to win your client’s loyalty for the long term. Working as a SEO professional is also a great way to find business partnership. Once you have established a business as a freelance SEO professional, you will find company partners and establish a company partnership online.

Disadvantages of Working as an SEO Professional

The biggest problem with being an SEO professional is that the rules of the game are always changing. You have to keep your eye on the ball or to be more specific – what Google is up to next, constantly. You have to be well aware of Google’s policies and guidelines, as even the slightest violation, however inadvertent, can get your client punished – which would harm your reputation irreparably.

Always ensure that you follow White Hate SEO practices, and regardless of how high the temptations are to do things that look profitable at first glance, but go against Google’s guidelines – such as buying backlinks for example. Do the SEO the right way, the legally correct way. A bit of patience is required, but it helps you build solid career out of it.

How Much Money Can You Make as an SEO Professional Online?

As an SEO professional working online as a freelancer on other people’s projects, you can expect to earn around $30,000 a year if you are reasonably successful. Of course, there are highly talented SEO pros, who are known to make $250,000 plus a year, but they have been in the profession for the last 20 years, since the start of Google and have built an awesome reputation. So the key is to build a reputation and get a lot of “wins” under your belt – or satisfied clients.

When you work online as an SEO professional you will need to find company partners.