Acquire Customers with the Right Dining Location

Why is it so important to choose the right dining venue for a corporate event or a business meeting? Often, the best way to win over clients is to appeal to their appetites. That’s why treating them to a wholesome and delicious meal prepared by an expert chef at a great dining venue is so very important.

After all, when your clients have just had a sumptuous meal, they will feel very satiated and their defenses will be down – that’s the time to strike and make a strong business proposition.

Business lunches and corporate dinners have always been an important part of how businesses operate. Sharing a great meal with a client or a business associate is a terrific way to get to know them better. The food should be really good though, and the atmosphere at the dining venue should be refined. This is the best way to win a client’s respect for your firm.

A great dining venue does make all the difference in closing a deal, which is why you should take care not to overlook any of the smaller details related to choosing the right dining venue that can go unnoticed.

Let’s briefly talk about the 3 main factors to be kept in mind when treating your clients to a business lunch or corporate dinner.

The Right Location

You should not pick a location that is on the outskirts of the city, or one that would require a lot of time in the car or a taxi cab to get to. An ideal location for a business lunch or corporate dinner is one that is centrally located, close to where your clients live or work. It should not be too far away from their normal commute.

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The Right Food

Food is the critical thing here. If food wasn’t important, you may as well conduct your business meet at the office itself, why bother holding it at a fancy restaurant? There is nobody in this world that is not pleased by good food. Great food is the ultimate ice breaker. It gives your clients a feeling of deep satisfaction and makes them more amenable to the deal you have on offer.

Even though at first there is zero chemistry between yourself and your clients, good food ensures that even the stiffest conversations loosen up and even the greatest adversaries smile at each other. That is why a great dining experience is so important to close a critical deal with an important client.

The Right Atmosphere

While the quality of the food is important, what should not go unnoticed is the quality of the atmosphere in which it is served. You certainly would not want to hold a client meeting at a fast food restaurant like the McDonalds for example – that would be akin to committing a sacrilege! Similarly, you wouldn’t want to order a burger in a fancy restaurant!

You want to convey an image of class about yourself, and one of the ways to do that is to treat your client at an exquisite dining location. Pay close attention to the décor – you certainly don’t want something that looks too decadent or excessive, or too bland, for that matter. An informal setting is not recommended either because that indicates a lack of respect for your client.

Find a place that is simple and yet elegant, without being boring – and where the service is excellent. Service is very important here, and you should always select a dining location which has an attentive waiting staff.


Visit the dining location beforehand and find out if that is exactly what you need and whether it is truly suitable for your purpose. It should be something that puts your guests at ease, while still being formal enough for a business meeting.