7 Essential Apps for a Successful Businessman

The world of business has undergone a ton of changes over the course of the last decade. These changes are mostly related to the popularization of the Internet and, while some take time to sink into your daily life, others’ primary purpose is providing the users with with a quicker adaptation with the world that we are living in today.

While some apps make our daily lives easier, providing us with benefits, such as easily accessible GPS navigation and Internet on-the-spot, others tend to look after the professional side of our planet, helping a large number of business professionals cope with a huge number of daily problems. With this in mind, we have outlined 7 most essential apps for coping with the busy world of business.

Office Mobile

The famous Microsoft Office, which has been around for quite some time now has been updated with a mobile-friendly version. If you are a businessman who uses the Office to a large extent, it is well worth the money to get the portable edition in addition. Office Mobile makes the process of creating and editing documents significantly easier, by simply synchronizing in the cloud, across multiple devices.

You can create and edit Excel and even PowerPoint documents, in addition to Word documents on-the-go. Furthermore, these documents look identical to the originals, seeing as how this app supports animations, charts, shapes and graphics. The best part here is that it works on most platforms – in addition to obviously being compatible with Windows Phone, it works with iOS and Android, as well.

Cisco WebEx Meetings

This web meeting app lets you join any web conference, using a 2-way video and a camera switcher. However, what sets this one apart from its peers, is the fact that you can attach files to a meeting space, meaning you can pitch a presentation or discuss numbers from, for an example, Excel spreadsheets, while simultaneously video-chatting. Furthermore, this app is available on iOS, Android, as well as BlackBerry, with the free version supporting 3 people per meeting and offering 250MB of storage.


This travel organizer is a must-have if you do a lot of business trips. By making it easier to organize and share your travel itineraries, TripIt provides the user with a ton of ease, before, while, as well as after a business trip. Simply forward all your confirmation e-mails from different services to TripIt and enjoy a ton of ease when it comes to your business travel.

This useful app is able to recognize reservations from more than 3,000 booking sites, and the fact that this includes events such as cruises, concerts, restaurants and conferences, makes it a perk useful to anyone. Never miss a flight or forget the car rental service, by having TripIt do all the hard work for you.


On the previous note, if most of your trips are flight-based, you might want to check out FlightTrack, a visual flight-tracking app, with real-time information on departure, delays and gate numbers available. This app will even go a step further, by finding you an alternative flight, should yours be deemed canceled. For a mere price of $4.99, all business users of Android and iOS should download this useful app.


Yes, sure, Facebook has its use, even when it comes to your professional life. However, the world needed a professional social media site. Cue LinkedIn – Facebook for professionals. Even though this website benefits from less media coverage and popularity in general, than its personal counterpart, you can rest assured that every big name in your line of work has an account here, and they undoubtedly know what they’re doing.

You can use this to find jobs, network and keep track of your competition. Simply create an account, upload your CV and try it out for size. The best part is that it’s free and available on most platforms, from Android, across iOS and Blackberry, all the way to the up-and-coming Windows Phone.


While there are many cloud-based systems available out there, might just be the best solution for a professional. Its counterparts, such as Google Drive and Dropbox do get more coverage and are widely more popular, but only due to their commercial success, which they can own to personal use preference.

There are many 4Shared reviews out there, however, that will tell you that this platform probably is better for professional use. The best part is the fact that it is modeled after the attractive Gmail, making it the best possible alternative for a businessman.


If you’re looking for an app that provides easy receipt scanning and trip categorization with maximum user-friendliness, look no more, Expensify has it all covered.

As a businessman, you need to learn how to keep up with the modern technology, regardless of your age. This is why it is crucial to familiarize yourself with the current ‘smartphone generation’ and sail into the world of tech-savvy entrepreneurs.

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