5 ways being your own business coach

If you are an entrepreneur you definitely love to do your own business - independent if you are a single person startup, an entrepreneur or a rising CEO. But going alone does not mean that this way is always the best idea. Many people are hiring a business coach to reach vision, goals and more success. And here we go: you can be your own business coach!

Here we go with 5 ways of being your own business coach and to reach your full personal and business potential.

1. Stop being stucked and find your 200% motivation

One of the most important things a business coach can do for you is to help you when you get stuck. We do not talk about problems with your daily business. We talk about your blocked mind. So it is very important to learn how to get unstucked. But how to find out of a stucked situation?

It is all about your brain and how you are thinking about things. Whenever your thoughts are in a negative state the possibility to fail will increase. I know that it is too simple to tell people: hey, think positive. But even neuro-science shows that positive thoughts lead to more success.

And here we have the secret: whenever you are extremely motivated your chance for success increases significant! Remember what fantastic things you were able to learn in your childhood. Remember how easy it was to learn new things. To try things, to fail and fail... and finally to be successful. Whatever it was - your motivation helped you reach your goal.

What was the secret? You were motivated! And you reached a state which psychologists call FLOW (we will talk about FLOW in another article).

So go for it, be motivated and do not think about your goals... just do it!

2. Yourself is the challenge

Whenever you are starting a business you get introverted. You can get enthralled in your own ideas and visions. A business coach would call this your "comfort zone". Your comfort zone is so comfortable that you would not dare to leave it. Isn't it perfect? Of course.

Living in a comfort zone can be most dangerous. You will do only things you know, day for day. But see this: you will never visit the world outside. You will never learn new things and you will never learn new things. But if you want to be successful you need to leave your comfort zone!

Always listen to successful people, such as Steve Jobs. Listen to other successful business people. But never listen to people who tell you that you will fail, your vision is impossible or what you dream will never work. Challenge yourself. Trust in yourself. Believe! This is one of best things being your own business coach. Imagine your success and love what you do.

3. Never walk alone!

You need to find support and encouragement. You’ll be amazed at the things you can accomplish when you have someone who believes in what you’re doing. Whenever you have support you can lift your spirits whenever you're down. This prevents you from feeling alone and frustrated. Find business partners to talk with (!) and not to do business only!

Get inspired by other people doing things. See how they work, how they do business. Do not just copy their ideas. Take their ideas to create your own path of success. Maybe neat ideas worked for Steve Jobs to build up Apple. But just copying them will not help you to be the next Steve. Build up your own strategy with succesful ideas in your backend.

4. Establish audacious but realistic goals

OK. This one is hard. By the way: have a look at advisory 3. Friends can help you to check if your goals are realistic. Setting goals is easy, reaching goals is hard. you can not reach the stars. Therefore you need to define small steps to reach your goals. Whenever you have a very inspiring goal you increase the possibility to reach this goal. Whenever this goal is realistic you WILL reach this goal for sure!

Prioritize your business and personal needs first. This is especially evident as a solopreneur or freelance who single-handedly keeps the business going. Being your own business coach needs to be integrated in your daily life. Always keep your goals in your mind.

5. Deliver more than promised - Even to yourself

When you’re accountable to someone else, you don’t have that luxury. If you really want to accomplish your big goals and take your business to the next level, you need to deliver more than promised.

You know that customers will love you when you deliver more than promised in perfect quality. Why don't you deliver more to yourself? Try to over-reach your goals. Every day. Be your own perfectionist. And if you reach your own goals: have a party! Believe me: you are able to reach more than you might belive right now at this moment. This worked for many people out there and can work for you as well!


Running a business alone can be a very tough thing. But it is not impossible once you use the correct strategies which fit your neeeds. You generally need the support of friends, family and colleagues. Trust in your abilities. Do NOT listen to people telling you that you will fail or your ideas are wrong. Forget about them. And whenever you are in need of help: ask a professional business coach!

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