5 Top Digital Nomad Jobs That You Should Know About!

If you’re reading this article, you’re in all likelihood already familiar about the concept of “Digital Nomads” – which was made popular by the famous Tim Ferriss book, 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich. But while you’re sold about the digital nomad lifestyle, we are assuming that you’re still confused about how to go about it and struggling for location independent business ideas. We help you out here with our list of 5 digital nomad jobs you should most definitely be aware of. We could well have had a list of 10 digital nomad jobs or even 20, but we wish to restrict ourselves to digital nomad careers that are actually profitable and make you lots of money for as little effort as possible. Read on!

Affiliate Marketer

An affiliate marketer sets up a website where he or she markets products of a certain company and earns a hefty commission on each item sold. Anybody can be an affiliate marketer and it helps to have basic website building skills and knowledge of SEO, although with WordPress being so easy, anybody can setup a decent website or blog. You may as well outsource much of the work to a freelance web designer as well. There are many great affiliate programs to choose from – Amazon has perhaps the most popular of them – but digital nomads should join more than one program and not depend on just one merchant for their income. The key is to diversify and pick out great selling products for which there isn’t much competition, create an attractive website or blog and fill it up with high quality content. You are advised to hire freelance writers to create the content. Being an affiliate marketer is one of the best digital nomad careers as it’s just a terrific way to earn excellent passive income with minimal effort.

Self-published eBook Writer

Amazon started a revolution in the book publishing industry with the introduction of the amazing Kindle, which has led to an army of self-published eBook writers trying their luck at striking eBook gold. Anybody can write an eBook bestseller, and it takes minutes to get your eBook released on retailers such as Amazon, Smashwords or B&N. You should be smart enough to know what are the topics that sell best, target a particular niche rather than aiming at a general audience, do your research, write really, really well, work hard on the marketing and trust your luck. Being an eBook writer, perhaps one of the best digital nomad jobs and if you have created a name and following for yourself as a writer, it is quite simply a license to mint money.


Blogging has been one of the most profitable location independent business ideas ever since the internet has become such an integral part of everyday life since 10-14 years ago. The idea is to pick out a niche topic that you’re really comfortable writing about and blog away! How do you make money from blogging? Well, you have Google’s AdSense and many other profitable forms of PPC (pay per click) advertising. Then you can make money from sponsored posts, reviews and testimonials of products or services, join an affiliate program (as discussed earlier), start a paid online tutorial (perhaps your own digital nomad academy!), sell your own info-products through your blog and so much more. Blogging won’t make you a millionaire, but is good enough for a comfortable digital nomad lifestyle.

Travel Writer

The most sought after digital nomad jobs are those of travel writers. This is an overcrowded market, and perhaps every nook and corner of the world has already been explored. But there is still a great premium for high quality writing and perhaps you could throw a special insight on parts of the world that we still don’t know much about. There are many magazines and websites that pay top dollar for a particularly well written and highly informative article on an exotic culture or location that people are curious about. The best travel writers do two things that all digital nomads aspite to – travel around the world and make big (BIG!) money!

Web Developer

Many people who take the life transforming decision to become digital nomads are from the tech industry and have excellent software development / web development skills. They can take advantage of their Perl, JavaScript, HTML, XML, CSS and Ajax (etc.)  knowledge to work as web developers on freelance websites such as oDesk and Elance for clients across the world. Web developers are known to make $500-$1,000 for a project for just a few days of work. If you have always fancied your chances as a web developer, perhaps that’s exactly what you should be doing. Get yourself a laptop, the necessary software, a reliable and fast internet connection, join a freelance website and get working!


We hope you’ve found our information on digital nomad careers useful. We would really like to hear from you though! So please send us your comments and suggestions.

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