5 Most Profitable Import Opportunities

If you’re looking to get started as an importer/exporter, there are three important things that you have to get just right. One, find business partners abroad – a supplier from whom to source the products; two, identify the right products to be sold and three, find business partnership opportunities in your home country among the best distributors, who will then sell the products to retail and wholesale businesses across the region.

So what are the products that are most in demand, products that will always find a market no matter which country you import them to? What are the products on which you are guaranteed a comfortable profit margin? Read on, because we’re going to reveal the 5 most profitable import opportunities.

Technology Accessories – As any seller on eBay or Amazon would tell you, nothing sells better than technology accessories. By technology accessories we mean the accessories that go with laptops, smart phones, iPods and other gadgets. The reason for the popularity of these items is that they can be bought from China through Alibaba.com for pennies on the dollar and sold online on Amazon or eBay to the end user for a few dollars, offering a comfortable profit margin on each sale.


Smart Phones – Smart phones are the hottest products in developing countries. If you’re an importer based in Africa or Asia, you are guaranteed to make money with smart phones. The best country to source your smart phones from is China, where there several dozen smart phone makers, basically cheap Android phones and tablets.

Home Accessories – One of the best ways to make money is to sell home accessories. By home accessories, we mean digital photo frames, candle holders, soap dispensers etc. This items are easy to import and don’t cost much by the way of shipping. They can be sold wholesale for huge profits too.

Personal Care Products – Personal care products are always in demand from female customers. These products are expensive when bought from salons, but are more affordably priced on eBay, Amazon and other online stores. If you can manage to arrange a business partnership with a quality maker of personal care products, there is a huge potential for profit to be made.


Sports Goods – There is a huge demand for table tennis, tennis and badminton rackets, footballs, cricket bats and balls, fishing rods, and so on. This presents a profitable business opportunity for you. You can also try selling UAVs or drones from China in your home country.

No matter which products you choose to import, to make the best out of the opportunity, you will have to work hard on your marketing and branding and sell at recognized online stores. You will have to work hard on after sales support as well to make a success of your business.

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