5 Magazines Every Young Business Executive Should Read

We live in the digital business executive era, and it may be argued that nobody reads magazines anymore. Certainly, magazines don’t hold the same role in our society as they did 10 or 20 years ago, or earlier than that. Remember your childhood days, when the whole family used to gather around the newly arrived copy of The Reader’s Digest?

Well, those days are behind us, as we live in a very cynical era with constant 24/7 access to information. But as a young business executive, you still have to do a lot of reading, and staying up-to-date with the trends in your industry and the world of finance with the 5 famous magazines listed by us is an absolute must.

These magazines are very much worth your hard earned cash and give you a valuable insight into the latest market conditions, so that you can prepare better for a great career ahead. Here are the must-read magazines that every young business executive should read.


Everybody loves Forbes – it is perhaps the greatest business magazine of all time. Forbes is to the business world what the venerable Time magazine is to current affairs and politics. The Forbes List of Billionaires and the Forbes World’s Most Powerful People –they are ALWAYS popular. In fact, there are several billionaires out there for who to get into the Forbes List of the World’s Richest Men and Women represents the crowning glory of their career. Another popular list to look forward to is the Forbes List of Top 30 Under 30 – the brightest up-and-comers of the new generation. Forbes is unabashedly pro-capitalism and offers a unique take on every business event or decision. Although Forbes is a 100 year old publication the reporting is young and fresh. You can subscribe to Forbes for $23.99/year.


Money is perhaps the best business executive magazine with a specific focus on personal finance issues. It is a magazine everyone in the US picks up just before Tax Day, to discover smart new ideas on saving tax. You can trust Money to have the most up-to-date information on small business entrepreneurship as well, especially on the significance of latest and most important laws and regulations and how they affect you. Money’s stock market tips are also highly appreciated. You can subscribe to Money on Amazon for as little as $5/year, which is an unbelievable deal.


Fortune has always been a close competitor to Forbes and very similar in its presentation of the most important business and finance news and events. We all know what a “Fortune 500” means – it is a list of America’s 500 biggest companies in terms of revenue. To get into the Fortune 500 is for many companies a matter of great prestige. Fortune is the magazine you should buy for inside information on the corporate world, mergers and acquisitions, the best business profiles and tips on investing. You can get a yearly subscription of Fortune on Amazon for just $5!

Inc. for the Business Executive

There is a particular class of business executive magazines that are written exclusively for CEOs and top business executives at small to medium sized businesses. Among them, Inc., Fast Company and Entrepreneur are the most popular. But we have selected Inc. in our list because it is arguably a little better than the other two and carries more useful information for the small business entrepreneur. But then, this is a matter of personal perspective – our readers may have a different opinion on this. Inc. also comes with a Kindle edition, which looks great on Amazon Kindle Fire HDX. You may subscribe to the magazine for just $12.00/year on Amazon.

Harvard Business Review

Harvard Business Review is by far the most intellectually challenging business magazines out there. It is written for the business thinker and philosopher and not as much for someone looking for quick tips on the stock market or personal finance. The articles in Harvard Business Review stretch for several pages; some have over 10,000 words. HBR is at its best when it features issues related to, business leadership, management, HR and globalization. Each issue of Harvard Business Review has five popular sections – Spotlight, Idea Watch, Features, Experience, and Executive Summaries. It is much costlier than the other business magazines out there – you can subscribe to Harvard Business Review for $89.00/year.