High-Quality Online Lead Generation.

With targeted online marketing campaigns. Starting at $1299 /mo.

Optimized campaigns with better return of investment.

From campaign setup up to landing page optimization to automated e-mail newsletters. It’s the most complete online marketing service you can get.

Your benefit: I manage and optimize your online marketing campaigns on a continuously monthly base. There is no need for you to hazzle around with complex settings and optimization steps.

From standard conversion-based advertising to complex automated newsletters – get the best out of your campaigns. Stop wasting money in low-performing landing pages. Start getting outperforming sales instead.

Your Benefit: More leads at lower costs.

Get new quality clients and customers. Local or international. B2B or B2C.

Generate sales wherever your target region is. Get more clients across the globe – or just locally at your region.

The #1 challenge for companies is generating sales. Get now quality leads that your sales team can close. And connect with your new generated customers using sophisticated and segmented email marketing – independent where they live and which language they speak.

Grow your sales and business more than ever before. Acquire more qualified leads with lesser costs and time.

Stop wasting your money for standard online campaigns. Start to automatize your online marketing processes, enable complex and segmented email marketing and optimize your marketing campaigns using information from your CRM.

Better leads with double opt-in.

Get leads who are really interested in what you offer.

It’s all about perfect targeting. Stop shotgun methods spamming people frustrated with your marketing.

Stop wasting your money with slingshot methods. Stop buying worthless lead databases with companies and persons hating email and phone call spam. With high targeted lead campaigns you can people really asking to get contacted by your sales team.

Generate leads who are really interested in your products or services. Remember: happy people close sales more frequently.

Yes, it’s important to generate happy leads. If a lead expects to get contacted by your sales team you’ve made the first step to close the sales. With this lead generation you don’t spam people – because they have agreed that your sales team contact them.

High-end email marketing.

For semi or completely automated email marketing campaigns.

E-mail marketing is still one of the most powerful marketing strategies you can chose. Optimize your brand connectivity now.

Once you have generated your online leads it’s most important to stay connected with your new clients and customers. Today people expect instant response once they requested information from you. This is why it’s crucial to automate your email processes to a maximum.

Generate more sales more frequently with sophisticated newsletter marketing – with optimized and segmented campaigns.

Keep in touch with your generated online leads. Stop throwing flyers to people not interested in your products and services. Send updates and offers directly to the inbox of your customers – highly targeted to interests, demographics, geo location or age.

The Conversion-Turbo: AdWords Artificial Intelligence.

Machine learning improves AdWords in 2017 – The future of automated conversion optimization.

At Google’s annual launch event for AdWords, Analytics, and DoubleClick, the key theme for 2017 is that machine learning is enabling marketers to do things we’ve long wanted to.

As an example Google is introducing In-Market Audiences. This helps advertisers target consumers who appear to be in the market for something. It is incredibly valuable because AdWords, which is all about targeting the right user, at the right moment, and turning that interaction into more money for your company, now lets you know more about how likely the user is interested in what you offer.

Let algorithms and machine-based learning analyze your competitors, optimize your AdWords campaigns – and sell to more customers than ever before.

Customized hacks for your specialized marketing automation tasks. From weather data to sports events. Enable Big Data optimized campaigns now. AdWords Scripting is one of the most powerful ways to start a full automatized online marketing. Using Google Big Data and other sources you can optimize your campaigns along events such as political elections, sport events and even local weather performance.

Get More Online Leads Now.

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