Mining investors in Africa? Meet them at INDABA in Cape Town, 6-9 February 2017

Investing in African Mining Indaba is the World’s Largest Mining Investment Conference and the Largest Mining Event in Africa. Investing in African Mining Indaba is solely dedicated to the successful capitalisation and development of mining interests in Africa. Located in Cape Town, South Africa for over 20 years, this event unites investors, mining companies, governments and other stakeholders from around the world to learn and network, all toward the single goal of advancing mining on the continent. Also known as Mining Indaba, we are dedicated to supporting education, career development, sustainable development, and other important causes in Africa.

Nigeria to host CashlessAfrica Expo 2017

Digital disruption is shifting the balance stay of power in financial services and influencing the way, millions of people bank their money, make payments, remittances and more, in a continent where mobile phone penetration exceed bank accounts and bank cards ownership, combined. Cashless Africa will address the future of finance at the Lagos Oriental Hotel, Nigeria, from 22 – 23 March.

Central Texas Angel Network restructures to do more deals – with millions on hand

The Central Texas Angel Network is a collection of investors who put money into very early-stage startups. They also advise them to support better startups. Currently they are making the most significant changes to its structure since the last five years. For this the organization has created five investment sector interest groups, according to CTAN Executive Director Claire England.

How To Start a Dropshipping Business

One of the best ways of making money online, which has become very popular of late, is dropshipping. Dropshipping is not easy and it will take us some time to explain fully what it is all about, but here’s what you should know – it is one of the best ways to get rich quick in 2016 and beyond. Dropshipping is indeed a very profitable way of making money online.

How to Start Online Business

One of the best ways to get rich quick is to start an online business. It is also the riskiest methods of all, but the payout is massive. Starting online business is a relatively easy thing to do, but being successful at it is not easy at all. You’ve probably heard of the statistic that 80% of new startups fail within 5 years. It is even worse when you talk of just online businesses.

Get Rich Quick – Writing eBooks

Can you get rich quick by writing eBooks? Yes, you certainly can! Did you know that E.L. James first self-published “Fifty Shades of Grey”, the book that redefined erotica as we know it today, as an eBook? No publisher would publish her book, so she decided to publish it herself on Amazon as a Kindle book.

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Get Rich Quick – Online Trading Guide

Welcome to our brand new series, Get Rich Quick. One of the easiest ways to get rich quick, from the convenience of your home, is online trading. Stock trading was once something that was done solely by Wall Street. Today, thanks to online brokerages, anyone can be an online trader.

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